If you use a canoe cart, what do you..

If you use a canoe cart, what do you recommend?

What a newbie I am.

I bet there are some nice simplistic custom built ones. Like to see those.

I saw these.



I’ve used mine for 4 years. It’s a decent product that has saved my back.

I like Instep
I like Instep for my sailing canoe.


It has higher wheels that the kayak carts.

I also have an Instep cart.

It’s heavy duty and heavy as well.

It does not easily fit in my solo or whitewater boats.

It does easily haul a 16’ tandem with a weeks worth of gear.

Shipping and Handling is $40.00. It almost costs more to ship it.

i like
to make my own, for pennies on the dollar of what it would cost to buy one.http://www.westcoastpaddler.com/community/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=609 this is the cart i made for rolling a loaded boat from the parking lot onto a vehicle ferry , off the ferry to launching point,disassembles small enough to fit into the round day hatch of my Elaho. also previously built 2 bigger versions with much bigger wheels(one pneumatic plastic-rim dolly wheels,one with golf bag cart wheels).

Eckla 200
Used to be called the Sea Kayak Cart (200mm tires I guess)

Center carry, folds up flat, tires disconnect, fits inside of hatches easilly, all alum., weighs about 7-8lbs. Costs $120

Can be seen at www.wildnet.com under “Touring Gear”

Some on eBay! too.

See you on the water,



Portage cart
Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Ah’ uses de Canadian Boat Walker…

Fat Elmo

the listing says it weighs 27 lbs and can carry upto 300 lbs. I believe it. My sailing canoe with rig probably weighs close to 100 lbs. And after 2 years of use the instep shows no signs of wear.

It ia a heavy duty cart made for heavy duty portaging.

If I had a lightweight kayak I might try one of the other carts.

canoe or kayak cart
well I’m a simple noob w. simple needs, esp need to save money. Got mine for $61 shipped.

Using & liking the SportShark cart from this eBay seller bostonblue82. Search by seller if interested, a nice selection. Mine is under 5 lbs., transports up to 75 lbs. is made entirely from noncorrosive materials & fittings, w. removeable 8" wheels. Sets up in minutes, folds inside my small Tampico cockpit as well as my larger Iqaluit. Padded so I rest my calves on it. How great is that? I’ve had four transports over 300 feet each way, over hard pack ground, a little stony, with big swales. Recommended.

I’m with Fat Elmo on this one
I have seen many cart designs in use in the Adirondacks where the trails are a bit tougher on carts than the walk across the beach or down a paved road.

Key features for rough trails are tall wheels and no axle from wheel to wheel. The canoe should balance on the centered cart. the one end kayak carts make you carry half the weight of the boat and contents. The cart should attach to the boat with straps, not stretchy bungee cords.

My favorite is a variation of the old Swedish boat cart, a folding bicycle wheeled cart with an adjustable frame and bed rails. The 20’ wheels with no central axle give lots of ground clearance and the ability to straddle short stumps and rocks. The large diameter wheels don’t get stuck crossing water bars or on the approaches to bridges. We see lots of kayaks loose their wheels when encountering these obstacles and its a pain to wait behind while a poor kayaker has to remount his cart in the middle of the trail.

Got mine years ago from Oak Orchard Canoe and their version comes with straps, air pump, and tool kit. It has hauled a 20’Grumman War Canoe + gear for 6 over the Raquette Falls Portage and 7 lesser carries. Its an honest 300# rating.

There are other very well made carts, just make sure the construction is suited for the kinds of carries you will do. Balloon high flotation tires are key for soft sand, and high clearance for rocky trails.


Product review article on carts
Here’s a Canoe&Kayak review of 6 carts:


20’ wheels? How the hell do ya load the boat up(LOL)!!!

20’ wheels
with the crane mounted alongside.