Ihad a stroke

on july 19 during a surgical procedure i had a rightCVAa right side og my brian stroke. I am sloly recovering but it ended my paddling season early GUYSwatchyour health because strokes are not for whimps!

Best of luck…I feel 20 lbs. over
and enjoy eating all the wrong foods and a good seegar…sometimes I can hear the clock ticking…time for me to do something about it…

my heart goes out to you
Strokes are not a good thing at all.

When my mom had hers I read everything I could find about them, there is hope for a full recovery.

Be careful of what you eat and take care of yourself. Check out the public library for books of all kinds about strokes and for alternative meds as well as regular.

Please take care of yourself. I’ll light a candle of hope for you tonight.

Get Strong!
Take care of yourself

Hang tough, buddy. I used to research
ways to help stroke patients, but the key element is that you keep exploring your capabilities. Most recovery occurs in the first 6 months, but striking improvements may occur much later.

Hopefully you will be back…
paddling next season.

We just never know when it will hit.

I am sure it turned your whole life around.

Hang in there,



You still have spirit,
and that is much more than what many people have.

Best wishes in your recovery,


Hang in there…
Don’t give up; hang in there!

Try to keep as active as you possibly can.

Good luck with your recovery.


Best Wishes On Recovery…
I had a friend who had a stroke at a very young age (late 20’s) and it almost killed him. He is now completely recovered. The brain has an amazing ability to re learn and re route that may have been damaged by a stroke.

Good luck. Plug at it.


Hang in there
Do your physio, or whatever.

Continue to heal one day at a time…
and…perhaps use your healing paddling imagery as frequently as you can…

Look forward to hearing about your return to paddling…


Paddlers are strong
Stronger than most and you will be paddling agin soon, I’m sure of this. I am a wimp when it comes to doing what’s good for me but I think you have just given me the push I needed. I’ll work on me if you work on getting back in your canoe. best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Keep the open side up :~)

stroke and depression
A right side stroke can leave you with depression. It is treatable so talk to your physician if you are feeling any depression.

My mom had a right sided stroke and refused to admit to her physician that she was depressed and just suffered with it (she did admit to us that she was depressed). Again it is treatable and this can help with your overall recovery.

Good luck and hope you get back on the water soon.


Keep Your Chin Up
I can’t add much in the way of any sage advice to what’s already been said, but I hope you’ll be able to paddle by next year. It’s especially difficult to recover from a major illness, and stave off depression when it keeps you away from something you’re passionate about. Depression is common and easily treatable, so don’t hesitate to discuss it with you’re Dr. Another thing that helped me through some tough times last year was this website right here. The photos, the trip reports, the paddling discussions, and the “Well-wishes” kept me going. My heart goes out to you, Dave, and I hope and pray you heal rapidly and completely. Many people DO go one to live normal lives post CVA’s, with no residual loss of activity. Take care! WW

Dave your’re gonna be fine. Just take some time. If having a buncha friends out here who just happen to be paddlers can speed your recovery…Better get your gear in shape for an early spring! Take care and God bless…

Sorry about the stroke…
…and thanks for giving us a push start to take better care of ourselves. Keep up with the therapy, that’s the real ticket to quicker recovery. Good advice on depression; medication is DEFINITELY worth looking in to. And hold on to that canoe; it will be a mental boost for you and give you something to hold on to and work towards.

Good thoughts going your way, and thanks for thinking of us.


for all the good wishes it sure helps

best wishes
If you get here skagway way I take you out canoeing on some of the lakes around here just so that you can get the feel of it again.

motivational story
check out http://www.voyageofhope.org. Author talks of stroke recovery and living life. He was sailing the same type of boat I have which is how I came across this article. Good luck on your recovery.

Sorry Dave
Hang in there, keep your spirits up, do your rehab, and just visualize the great fun you’ll have paddling again next year.

I’m pulling for you, we’re all in this together.