IK or Hardshell

I am new to the sport, (solo kayaking, I go whitewater rafting every year)and I have a seaeagle 330 Rec IK and though it is a great beginners kayak I am looking to upgrade. I have been considering the seaeagle explorer or the fasttrack. However I have recently discovered the Liquidlogic XP 10… any thoughts on the matter? There are so many choices it gets confusing.

If you are doing flatwater, rivers or both. I don’t think many people would tell you that an inflatable is much better at anything except fitting in your trunk. But for some that is important.

Ryan L.

Buy used
Figure out what you want to do and search classifieds here, craigslist ebay. Inflatables can be great boats, especially for travel. You would do well to check Innova, NRS, Aire, Grabner, Soar as they are an upgrade from Sea Eagle

Only One
If I could have only one boat it would be my ducky:


but I can have more than one.

You say: “…I have a seaeagle 330 Rec IK and though it is a great beginners kayak I am looking to upgrade…”

Q: What is it about your current boat that is unsatisfactory? Why do you want to “upgrade?” Is there something you want to do that your current boat won’t let you do? What?

I think answering these questions will help you get useful suggestions here.

Wow, I have never considered a Duckie before, I have seen them on my whitewater rafting trips on the Yough and ASCI in Deep Creek lake. They look as if they can do anything a hardshell can and just as agile. I will have to investigate this further. Great video by the way, and where is Sprite Creek?

Thank you all for your feedback, all of you have given me good advice.

New York: The Whitewater State
Next time you’re out near the Yough… swing over to Albright WVA. Check out Custom Inflatable’s Thrillseeker.

Good luck with your endeavors!

Do you soley use inflateables? Love the yough, next time I will try renting a duckie.