IK Question

I just figured out what “IK” meant. Took me a while. I have been considering the possibility of an inflatable kayak for a number of reasons and have been researching my options. It looks like (and I could be wrong) I’m down to either a Innova Sunny of a Sea eagle Explorer as choices for a 265# solo paddler. Any comments would be appreciated as well as any web sites that might be of help.



PS - My paddling would mainly be on lakes.

IK Question
Thanks folks for the information. “The Boat People” site has been fun to read. I wish they handled SEAEAGLE though.

After reading the many pages of information on the “Mariner” web site on safety, rescues and floatation I decided that only a SOT or an IK would be safe enough for us to use, especially solo during the winter.

My grand daughter spends most of her year at college where she will have space for a kayak, but I reside in a mobile home park that forbids boat storage, hence the IK.

I have this image to overcome with an IK and that’s of someone sitting on an air mattress in a pool with the air mattress shaped in “V.” I hope that they are really better than that. :slight_smile:

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Check Out Sevylor SVX200
The SVX200 is a durable boat, and the double might fit you. Not sure. I think it runs around $500.

I have a couple IKs. I used to run whitewater with an SVX100. I don’t do whitewater anymore.

I sometimes use my Stearns Mad Dog to acces remote lakes in the Sierras, or if I just do not feel like racking boats to paddle on a small lake, or if it is a family weekend and I need to take 5-6 boats.

IKs just do not perform like hardshell kayaks on flatwater. I would talk to the management. They probably do not want power boats taking up parking spaces, but might not mind a kayak, especially if you keep it covered, or out of sight.

Folbot Yukon?