Ikkuma = Q700

My regular paddle is about four nautical miles one way, 2 in the bay and 2 in the open ocean. In either boat my speed at a moderate exercise pace is between 4.1 and 4.2 kts, or about the same. I don’t win races.

My conclusion is that at the effort for 4.1 kts a fast boat does not provide benefit. Doesn’t hurt either.

No distance involved

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I would use longer distances for the experiment
- unless you are only interested in sprints.

My Epic Endurance will allow me 5mph for 3 to 4 hrs of paddling covering a lot of distance.
Training for distance involves a lot of effort, dedication and discipline.

The big catch occurs when people start paddling at higher speeds.
The paddling horsepower needed almost doubles
going from 5.5 mph to 7 mph due to frictional drag.
World class marathon kayak racers can achieve 8 mph

Muscle Power can overcome hull speed - but at a heavy price to the body