IL kayak registration?

I’ve been trying to figure exactly what I need to do to get my two kayaks registered in IL. I don’t have the original titles or paperwork for either of them, and, as best I can decipher, those need to be sent in in order to get the registration. From what I’ve read, it seems like they’ll want at least proof that I paid sales tax, but since I bought one off craigslist a while ago and the other is a cheapy that I got rid of all the receipts and paperwork for, that might be a problem.

Anyone have any insight into the process, and what it’s going to take to get registrations? Or is it going to be such a hassle that I’d be better off risking the fine? Thanks in advance!

Take up whitewater, and paddle out of
state. I grew up in Illinois, but when I came back to run the Vermillion, nobody bothered me about registration.

It is a hassle
I have done this to be legal for all my boats, it takes about 3=4 months to get the license. You need to have a manufacturers statement of origin showing the boats serial number and sale date and the Illinois user sales tax form and proof of the actual sale price. You can find all this information on the web page for the Illinois water craft registration. I had to contact the importer for one of my boats to get a manufacturer statement. It is a huge pain but I understand that they are paying more attention these days to the licenses, so the fine could happen easily depending on where you paddle.

It can take months to get one

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if everything is right. I had my Bell sent back because I had to pay sales tax since I bought it in WI. I think the whole process took six months. For some reason, I just received my son's kayak registration last month (over six month wait) when nothing was wrong on the papers. You can eventually get it, just be prepared for slow and endless waiting. : )

Look at it this way, if you at least mail in what you have, you can carry that paperwork around to show you are trying. The paperwork copy is a temporary permit good for 120 days (just checked the website).

I bought mine in Indiana

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I used it for a year or so on a lake in Indiana (right) where there is no title for boats. Since it was bought it in Indiana I had no cert. of origin.
The dealer in indiana did not even know what that was. I did have the bill of sale. All I did was to and explain that the dealer in indiana did not issue a cert. of origin and the state did not title paddle craft. I paid the sales tax and got the stickers a few weeks later.

If you are near Springfield go out to the DNR at the north end of the fair grounds and take care of it in person . . . much easer that mail. Calling in to ask questions is not a good idea. They only have 2 people answering the phone for all DNR info call.

If you have had the boat for a year or so they will want to know why it took so long to register it. Tell the the truth . . . That you used it in indiana or on a private lake.

If you bought them used you may not need to pay sales tax . . . not sure.


Mine was not much of a problem but I know people who hve had all kinds of problem doing it by mail.


What about out of state residents
visiting IL to kayak? Is anything necessary as long as I can show an Indiana DL?


Not sure
if you have to register your boats in Indiana? If you have a valid registration from another state you are exempt from IL.

No problem
The deal is if you are an Illinois resident and using the boat in Illinois water, the boat is required to be registered in Illinois. Visitors are not an issue.

Not required in Indiana except in
State parks, and then it’s just a sticker purchased at the gate for $5.

So by this and the next post down, I take it I’m safe. Cool. Sounds a lot like OH, but more of a pain. I think everything in Indiana is easier. . . .


IF your home state requires boat registration, then you will need proof of having paid that registration while paddling in Illinois, otherwise an out-of-state drivers license is all you need to show the I.D.N.R. cop if stopped.

Wrap your boat generously…
in red tape to prove that you are in the process of registering it!