IL License Renewal: But I Sold the Boat

-- Last Updated: Apr-25-09 9:04 AM EST --

I'm getting in the mail my IDNR automated $6 license renewal forms, but for three of my boats, I sold them 1-2 years ago. One on ebaY, two in person. No Bill of Sale, just cash and carry. Don't even know the person's name or contact info. I think they all sold to people in other states.

What do I do? Thanks.

Ignore . . .
. . . it?

Call them?
just a thought…

You may get Waterboarded…
If they’re ever connected to a “tea party”.

Shows what happens when IL and
other states treat boats as if they were cars.

Look at the effect of inflation. When we bought our first canoes in '73, each cost $350. At that time, states had better sense than to register boats that cost less than a good shotgun.

Now, just because the prices can be in the thousands, they want to pretend they’re “real property.” NOT.

There may be a form…
When we sell a car, or as I did with a '97 Outback, donate it to charity, Georgia DMV and our home counties want us to fill out a form to “clear” the taxable property off their records.

When I did this last September, I was able to download the form off the internet, and I didn’t have to provide ANY evidence of the donation. I merely affirmed that the car was no longer in my possession and that it had been donated.

Maybe Illinois (state of my birth) has a similar system for boats.

When I got home from Florida…
a few weeks ago, I had a notice in the mail that one of my vehicles registration was due. That was back in Feb. and now it was way past the late due date, so I immediately call the Dept of Motor vehicles and ask them what the penalty was.

The very nice lady said, “there is no penalty”.

My next question was what is the late fee ?

The very nice lady said, “there is no late fee. Come in and renew it any time I want to.”

She told me just don’t drive it until I renew it, because if I got stopped by the HP for speeding or any violation I would get ticketed for driving a unregistered vehicle.

I love this state !



In Kali
the DMV sometime waits until 3 month after the due date to send the renewal notice. Of course then it includes fees and penalties that raise the fee for a 35 year old vehicle into the several hundred dollar range. Just another way to help with the deficit, easier than managing spending like I have to do.

You don’t do nuttin. Or, if you got another boat that needs registering and you don’t want to go through the rigamarow of first time registration, you can re register one of the old ones you sold and plant your sticker from the old registration on the new boat (particularly if it is one you don’t plan to paddle much in state). Its been known to be done. Just sayin’. Not recommending you pull no monkey wrenching on the authority.

That’s my lie and I am denying I ever said it.

recycle the notice
It would be the same as for a car or truck.

You don’t own the boats anymore so there is no need to do anything. Once the boats are no longer actively registered, there will be no more renewals.

Thanks everyone.

just ignore them
I also live in IL, eventually they quit sending them to you.