Illinois Fishing

I live in Central Illinois and am looking for some good places to go fishing. I do know that I need to avoid the lake here in Springfield (it has the nickname of Lake Leptosporosis), but I don’t know about other lakes in the area.



You too?
Where are you located?


I am in Effingham.

about Clinton lake.

Clinton Lake
Heard of it, but never been. So it’s a good place to go? The other question would be can you eat the fish from there? That’s my biggest concern really.

check the il
DNR. It tells about problem spots. Clinton is a cooling lake for a nuke plant, of which my dad is a higher up. He use to let me eat the fish when I was a kid there, and I doubt that would be the case if there were problems. But it has been awhile since I fished there, although he eats the fish from there still. The DNR puts out a free fishing guide, that kmarts/wallyworlds etc. give away. It has info on the waters to avoid, and which fish etc. it is also on line at the DNR site. Thats a good place to start, and then just ask the locals if they eat the fish.

I’ll check out the DNR.

We’ll have to get together sometime for a paddling trip. There’s another guy in Springfield that I get together with sometimes.


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and try Beaver Dam State Park -it's in Macoupin County, SW of y'all, in the more-or-less general Carlinville area. Check it out on a map -or go to Mapquest and work from there...

Sally's family is from that area, closer to Alton, actually (Medora/Piasa/Shipman to be specific) -never been fishing there myself, though we've visitied there a few times. I know squat about FW fishing, even less about northern lake freshwater fishing, but it might be worth a go for some placid wayer paddling & relaxing fishing.

Hope it thaws up to a decent spring up there soon, so you can break out the gear and load up the boat and get out bon the water and fish and

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

It is 75 f. here now, although it looks like there is a good storm building up. Which really stinks, because every time I would have the time to go fishing, something stops me, weather/job/weather/kids/weather /wife/weather.

Illinois Fishing

Check out Siloam Springs State Park in Liberty near Quincy. Good trout fishing during the spring and fall if you don’t mind hachery rised fish. Hybred bluegills that run about a pound (no BS ) and good bass fishing. Prime time is late March to about the middle of July, From then till Mid September the action really stops. Camping is available and there are 2 launch sites with a camp store and good shore fishing if that’s a consideration. Use a fly rod with poppers (#12) or Woolybuggers.


Sangchris Lake
was recommended by my dentist.