Illuminating your compass

I’m wondering what kinds of ingenious ways people on this board have come with illuminating their Suunto strap-on for paddles at night. Many thanks in advance!

really small cylume sticks
I get them from Brigade Quartermaster, they are about an inch and a half long.

Thats what I was going to say also, you beat me to it. lol

really small cylume sticks

I couldn’t resist.

someone once showed me a very small bike light that actually worked well and to my surprise did NOT create deviation. don’t ask me why, it’s got a friggin battery in it but IT WORKED.



I’ve only every seen the word “cylume” written. How is it pronounced?

I’ve heard
Sigh - loom


photon microlight
Due to the science of night vision, use a red light.

One option is to use a Photon microlight. I use a small piece of 3M Dualock to attach/detach it so it shines on the compass.


small ones
The small cylume sticks are called fishing lures and I tape them on with duct tape to the underside of the strap on.

I have also seen people put a big cylume on their deck to illuminate a deck mounted compass. I find that the distance is too far for me to see my deck mounted and I mount the strap on close to me.


Steve, I tried one of those Guardian’s…
on a couple of occasions and they did not produce deviation. BUT! They did on a few other occasions, as much as 20 degrees. My mates were wondering where the hell I was taking them. There was no kit in the front hatch, either. The only thing I can attribute the sometimes deviation, sometimes not, is the battery strength. Nevertheless, no more batteries for me.


Lighted compass
Not specifically what your asking (sorry) but interesting option, nonetheless: