I'm baaaack...(I think)

I have returned after a several year abcense. Many things going on in my real life and many changes since I was here last, among which are:

-Quit smoking (3 years in April)

-Became a grandfather (required no effort on my part)

-Joined and became Conservation Chairman for my local Izaak Walton League Chapter (again, no effort, I was asked and was agreeable. Still serve as CC for the Potomac River Smallmouth Club)

-Harassed Big_D to join us at PRSC

-Became Pro-Staff for Jackson Kayak (member of the Fishing Team)

Anyway, hope to start becoming a regular again in the fishing and paddling forums. I’ll probably poke my head in the bicker and banter forum as well on occasion…but not to the extent I did before…just not worth the aggravation.

Hi. See you tomorrow (sniff)

Good to see ya D…
I just wish it could have been under happier circumstances. I called PhillyRay today and he was stunned about Al. I took full responsibility for not calling him and Ken. I tried to remember everyone I could who doesn’t do FB or RS anymore and those 2 slipped my mind completely.