I'm back. Hope everyone is OK.

Kept checking until my Android finally worked . Not much winter in SC and now it’s looking like spring.
Haven’t paddled since September because of an injury, Really looking forward to getting on the water. Looking at yet another boat on Monday.
Bought a Wenonah Advantage that I’ve only paddled twice.
Maybe we need a boat swap . Sure would save some bucks.

Hi, JackL is now my winter neighbor and getting hooked on their SUP’s. Great to have them so near.

Hey String. Sorry to hear you got hurt, but glad that you’re recovering. I don’t visit often anymore (went cold turkey with the malcontents and haven’t missed them one bit) so just thought I’d say hi and let you know that we’re all good up here. And tell the Missus that I use my nice, custom paddle bag a lot and love it. Be sure to get in touch if you ever get up this way.

I also haven’t missed the contentious posts. There is enough of that on virtually every other media. I dropped FB for that reason.
I think I’ll be advertising a boat soon and this has been a great place to do it.
TK, I’m glad you like the bag. GH, Jack and Nanci are my role models even if I never get on a SUP.


Good to hear from you! I’ve been wondering…I’m glad you’re well. We’ll be heading to the Okeefenokee soon. Care to join us?

Glad you are on the mend

See you Monday. I think you will like Brant’s SOT Heritage composite sea kayak. I am surprised he is selling it.

good your better!

Tom, I’m not sure about any long trips in the short term. I’ve got a pinched nerve in my neck that my Doc is very concerned about and one in my right lower back that keeps me about half crippled. Waiting to hear from a spine surgeon on both.
BUT, I am not near the wreck I was late last year.
Haven’t been paddling yet but am able to get out and enjoy the sunny, cool days we’re having.

Prayers going out for you my friend! When you’re able, let’s hit Jocassee again! Or the Edisto!

Sounds good Tom.

Jim, I feel for you! I had a pinched nerve in my neck and suffered through major left arm pain. Had a cortisone shot, twice now, and am pain free…For now anyways!

Andy, I hope it stays that way. In my case, I hope that is all it takes. Been cut enough!