I'm back, magically

A couple of weeks after being disappeared. I’ve been keeping up . Could read but not post. Changed my password but had reported the issue after I was booted.

Yeah, I’ve been locked out, able to log in, locked out again so many times in the last month I’ve lost count.

Every time I clear the data in Safari settings to tamp down spam, I can’t log in the next day. Try every day, just read the posts if I’m locked out and then magically, one day I can log in.

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Well, finally back in. I did need to go to Alaska though to successfully get logged in. I wonder if I’ll still be locked out when I get back too Michigan.

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:smile: welcome back!

Woo HOO! I just got back in after many weeks! Not sure why - possibly because I cleared all my history on my iPad this morning? I dunno. For a long time I could log in, but as soon as I’d navigate to the community section, it would want me to log in (but not let me). Navigate back to other areas, and it would show that I was still logged in. :woman_shrugging:. Anyway, good to be back! “Hi” for now, in case it boots me again

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I’m back, too. Been locked out since early May - from just before the Ozark 'vous. I have no idea why it’s working now and didn’t then.

Pblanc (and probably others from the Ozark gang as well) has been unable to get on either. I think he has likely given up. Its a shame to lose someone as knowledgable as him over some stupid technical glitch.

If we’re unable to reliably plan the Ozark gatherings on this board - and there are A LOT of folks who have attended over the years, it would be a monster Emailing list to plan without the board - it may be the end to the Ozark Pcom/Pnet tradition that we’ve had going twice a year since '02. We’ll see.

My problem now is that a series of storms hit my area and one of them brought a tree down on the electric feed to my house - so I can’t use my home computer. I live out “in the sticks” and don’t have cell phone reception, so I don’t have a smart phone to act as back-up. Anyhow, I’m waiting for the electrician (or someone like him, for Firesign Theater fans) to get around to my place.
I’ll post some dog photos and perhaps some photos from the Northfork R. Ozark rendezvous when I can.

Best to all.

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I always wanted to live in the sticks. Too late now so I’ve turned my backyard into a mini version.