Im considering a trade but hesitant

Before I fell into my new Ranger I pt up my Dirigo 14 for trade for a canoe. One of the respondents has a “Field and Stream” 12 footer and I am “this close” to a trade. If I do it though I’ll only have a 12 foot yak left and I don’t think that the “value” of his boat is the same as mine. To be fair, I haven’t used the Dirigo more than once or twice a season for several years and I THNK that I will get much more use out of the F&S canoe. Would you guys do this trade?

You need more details…
Kind of hard to answer your question with the details you gave. Overall Old Town makes better kayaks then Dick’s Field and Stream brand but if I could only choose between an Old Town Loon and some 12’ Dick’s F&S that looked like a kayak, I would probably take the Dick’s boat. Since you didn’t give the model chances are you are trading down, at least in value of both boats new.

You might want to explain why you want a canoe or what type of conditions are you paddling in. A Dirgo 14’ footer isn’t a bad rec kayak for mellow water for large paddlers and/or those who want to fish.

Trade it…
You gotta keep them in circulation…

I’ve been through quite a few kayaks and a couple of them have even come back.

Think “free range kayaks”

The last one I sold was my all time favorite but wasn’t getting much use. I was so good it was a waste not passing it on to someone who would use it for what it was designed to do.

So many kayaks, so little time.

I have had the kayak for about 7 or 8 years but split my time between that, my wife’s 12 foot Dirigo an Ocean Kayak Prowler and various canoes that have proven to be unsatisfactory for one reason or another. I have always wanted a small one person canoe as the vast majority of my infrequent paddling is done alone. Just two days ago I picked up a well used Ranger Canoe that’s is 16 feet long. It’s primary purpose is to take my 5 year old out paddling. I prefer a canoe because they allow easier access to gear, are easier to get in and out of and take the boy if he wants to go. Lakes ponds slow rivers. I’m scared of current.