I'm hanging my kayaks

in the garage this winter. I was going to suspend them on their side from the ceiling using 2" wide seatbelt webbing. As it turns out, I don’t have enough. Will 5/8" nylon rope do the job? It gets quite warm in my garage in the summer, and they may be there when not being used. Our boats are poly. Will the thin rope put dents in the boats? Any suggestions or opinions?

Why scrimp
when 2" webbing is so cheap?


seat belts
from auto wreckers from cars. Or

cut strips from old pieces of carpet.

What crime did they commit
instead of the death sentence send them to my kayak rehab program, I’ll whip them into submission.

Put yourself in your kayaks place…
Would you you rather hang there with 5/8" line or 3" straps?

as long as we’re supposed to be putting ourselves in the kayak’s place, i like would prefer to be hung with fur lined straps. why scrimp?

OK, who is going to say it first ???


He meant to say “fake fur”

Thanks for the input.
I was in a rush and had certain materials on hand. I located some additional webbing. And, I would NEVER use (fake) fur!