I'm joining Poudre Paddlers.

Well, 20 bucks is a great deal to become a member and to meet other paddlers. See, I want to meet people with the same passion as mine.

There will be a lot of fun activities like weekend trips, lake paddles, Pizza night, and more.

There is Racing too. I am going to race my Pamlico 140. I know it’s not very fast, and I probally wont win, but I’m in it for the fun. Yay!! I get to be in a kayak race!! That will be so cool!! Will they let me race in a pamlico 140?? I dont care if I lose.


did you say “joining”?
…or “founding”?

Good on ya.

Maybe they have a race class for rec boats. And as people like to say here, the boat doesn’t matter as much as the engine.

I asked a guy from Poudre Paddlers
if they accept Pamlico 140s.

lots of clubs around here in MI
For all sorts of paddlers and all sorts of kayaks. Good luck.

Good for you.

Get involved and get out and paddle. Funny I’ve yet to hear you actually talk about a paddle you’ve been on but that’s ok.

Joining 10 groups won’t impress me either. I’m a recreation paddler. Probably always will be. Really have no interest in a roll unless its a hard roll from the local Stewarts Shops. Have people paddle by in the summer doing rolls every now and then, practicing.

Just don’t need those skills to have fun. So far no wet exits either. Have been out on the Hudson with waves I’ve been told are too big to go out on. Then again, years ago I’ve water skied on larger ones. No death wish, just know my limitations.

The point to all this, if there is one, would be Scupperfranks.

Just get it on, already.

Racing rec boats
Hey… I did it one year…open class.

Didn’t learn till way later that the guy who won…was Doug Bushnell (Westside boats)I close my eyes and laugh about that sight…