I'm looking at used Kevlar boats, are scratches like these an issue?


Those are probably skin-coated canoes which have only a thin layer of resin over the fabric. Boats are skin-coated to avoid the weight of gel coat.

Yes, it is normal for the skin coat to get scratched in use. It is only a cosmetic issue so long as the underlying fabric is not significantly damaged.

The question is in how much effort you want to put into them and if they are cheap enough to be worth your labor.

If you lightly sand them and put a skim coat or two of epoxy on them they will look new, almost.

If you are going to use them as a livery I would put a couple of coats of Spar urethane on them so they don’t scratch so badly again.

Looks like BWCA rentals. the scratches are nothing but check to make sure that someone didn’t do something like wrapping it/them oround a rock or something similar.

Not only that you’ll look like a real paddler, and the longitudinal scratches cut drag in the water making you go faster :wink: