I'm looking for a new paddle..

I currently own probably the lowest paddle aquabound offers. its pretty heavy for the type of trips i plan on taking so its time to find a new one.

Ive been searching the archives and i am not sure if i should look into a wing paddle or touring paddle. I plan on taking some overnighters, and i own a necky zoar sport lv. its a 13’7’’ rec/touring yak.

I want something lightweight obviously, but also something that can put up with some abuse. I’m also not sure if i want a bent paddle or straight, my experience with different paddles is very limited, i guess i would like to see strengths and weaknesses of some of these differences.

Im looking to spend 100-250 and dont really know what brands or styles i should look into, obviously the lower cost the better. I appreciate any sort of help

Consider Jazz tripper
N=1 http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/showReviews.html?prod=2130

I am surprised to see only one review. I have one. I like the Quicklok design.

Can’t beat the price, quality, or service. HIGHLY recommend calling Patrick, he’ll spend an hour on the phone with you, and you’ll get a custom paddle that is designed and built for you. Cheaper than a Werner or Lendal by a lot, and better quality to boot.It’s a no brainer! He’s all over this board with NEVER a bad post by his customers.

Go Onno or don’t go!
Best Value for the money.

My Onno paddle is my favorite piece of kayaking gear.

Another ONNO fan here
As much as I like his wing, for your type paddling

and your type boat, I would go with a euro touring paddle.



Check Campmor for Aquabound
carbon fiber paddles. I got one for $175.

Those don’t sound like prime wing
paddle craft, although I guess you could manage.

Windswift or Lendal

onno looks good
right now im looking into the onno full or mid tour. I would like the option of a quick burst, but also want to be able to relax. thanks for all the help, im still exploring the other options

More than wings
ONNO paddles has a line of non-wings too!

Knowing Patrick’s passion for his craft, I have no doubt that the quality, design and performance are every bit as good as the wings I have purchased from ONNO. Check out the “product reviews” section of p-net for others’ comments.

Very satisfied.


Demo /Club Day
From all the variables sounds like attending a demo day or a good sized club outing where you can trade off a bunch of paddles is going to be the way to go. Bring along a waterproof pad so you can take notes as to likes/dislikes for the styles & models.

See you on the water, or at the next Saturday Night Demo Night,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Must be some smart people on this forum. Most seem to be saying the same thing. ONNO paddles are cheaper than most store bought heavy paddles. Built just for you. Ultra light and paddles GREAT.

It will last and Patrick will stand behind it. May need to be patient. Patrick is VERY popular!

Good luck


ONNO also
I’ve recently switched to the ONNO F.A.S.T. with adjusting feather and length. It is listed as a racing/fitness paddle but is so smooth for ‘sightseeing’ uses too. No strains on the joints hard or easy. I love it. It’s also in your price range.