I'm looking for info on paddle design.

And maybe some links?

I did a search but came up with far less than I needed.

Can anyone recommend a good source for paddle design information?

Specifically what I’m looking for is detailed information on how the various blade designs act in the water, their pros and cons and what’s best for particular situations.

Something with pictures of the blades would be great.



here is some info
www.greenval.com/jwinters.html Check under “how to buy a paddle” Sounds like you are building, not buying, but John has a pretty good description of what makes a paddle ergonomic and work well in the water. He has some pretty fine canoe and kayak designs as well.

paddle info
Go to Werner paddles web site. They have several videos. VF

I’m not building, I’m just looking for information on how the different shapes of blades effect the water and movement of the boat.

Efficiency, power, etc…


paddle design
I’d start contacting small kayak, canoe and paddle manufacturers because they are often very eager to help out - especially if there is something in it for them.

Also maybe consider talking to turtle paddle works. They recently went out of business and might have some info he’s willing to part with.