I'm new to sport, looking for advice

Hi everyone!

I just started kayaking a little less than a year ago and living in Michigan has reduced my time on the water to far less than the time I’ve owned the kayak. I’ve done a lot of flat water and some slow moving rivers. I also picked up kayak fishing. This summer I plan on building a touring kayak based on the plans from yostwerks.com. I’m also planning on purchasing a whitewater/surf kayak because I’m moving to Marquette, Michigan and I’ve heard you can surf Lake Superior. Right now I own a 10 ft WaterQuest kayak and a 14 ft WaterQuest canoe. I haven’t fitted my kayak yet but I’m not sure I am going to because I think I’ll be upgrading soon.

I’m open to any comments, suggestions, or advice. I’ll read all of it. Reading, looking at pictures, and watching videos is about all I can do currently with the weather.

Real surf kayaks are apecialzed
to the degree that they aren’t much good for just cruising along Pictured Rocks, etc.


You might want to ask instead about touring kayaks that are agile enough for some good surfing, and for poking around arches and rocks amidst the surf. Better advice will follow.

Once you get hooked you will probably want a more specialized surf boat but a good compromise to start with is a whitewater boat with a little length and a planing bottom Old necky jives, go for about $300, and are pretty decent surfers and pretty decent white water boats. On the great lakes you might want what is called an International Class surfboat … a little hard to find but works well with less than perfect waves.

Keith Wikle who posts here often can tell you about surfing on the Great Lakes. Also check in at www.Boatertalk/surfzone. There are very few actual surf kayakers who frequent this site. Wikle, Sing, Salty and a few others.

I’ve got myself convinced (I just really really want to) that I have to build a sof kayak for touring and its also in my budget. As for an actual surf kayak, well thats going to have to wait. I’ll certainly check around for a whitewater boat with those specs. I’ve been doing some craigslist searching. $300 is about what I could spend on one. I’ll check out boatertalk too. I’m not moving for another few months so the touring kayak will get much more use this summer since where I live there are few whitewater areas and a whole lot of flat water.




Great Links!
Those links are awesome. I’m very interested in the last one in Grand Marais.