I'm prejudiced. Apparently not alone

I hear that rec kayaks are actually pool toys and others feeling they are suitable for high sea adventures. First off there is a pretty good range in just rec kayaks say between the $1100 OT Loon126 and a $275 Sun Dolphin from Walmart. Then if you do some outfitting to the Loon and kayak in at least pairs with practiced skills and stay in reasonable waters, they are IMO real boats to be enjoyed.

This always comes around to education for me and lack of it. People that research and buy a sea kayak have 100s of times more knowledge of the pros and cons of their boat. People that say look a kayak for 300 bucks that comes with a paddle and PFD lets buy two and hit the Great Lakes this weekend. They are not likely to come here and investigate what they plan on doing they are flying by the seat of their pants. They are the same people that make uninformed choices about all kinds of things. They use their kayaks a couple times find out it is more work than it looks and sell them on CL for 50 bucks and they end up being used by the kids I see going down the creek when the water is ice cold and moving five times faster in the spring with no PFD. They don’t realize the current goes straight thru a downed tree but they can’t.

There will always be many more accidents with cheaper boats because there are more of them and the people using them are less informed.

People think I go to an amusement park and do a 10 story high water slide and that’s safe and exciting so how dangerous can a river be?

Things like scouting and camps where people used to learn things about nature are not just around like they once were.

It is all fun until it isn’t and it can get real fast as everyone here knows.

I don’t know the solution to education also. It is pretty hard to keep people out of the water that want to be in it. Do you stop selling cheap boats and hurt people that are using them where they can safely?


:flushed: :scream: it was overcapacity before the waves

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I hope that is her leg framed by her paddle and arms. :face_vomiting:

It appears the snobs are offended by people having fun and enjoying the water using $300 walmart boats, aluminum paddles, and pool noodle roof racks, and patched with duct tape and jb weld. Not everyone can or wants to spend $1500+ on a boat, $500 carbon paddle, and $1000 on a thule rack system. The snobs have a brain seizure when they see someone drag their boat to their car.


I am offended by what they think they can do with inappropriate equipment. It puts others and themselves at risk.

I see people on the FB page I mentioned dragging their boats and wondering why there’s a hole in the keel. Then it’s how can I fix it?

Pool noodles are illegal to transport kayaks on in NYS.

Then they have a million excuses on why it’s ok to do something life-threatening. Then they involve their kids and pets who have zero choice.


There appears to be some snobbery associated with using inferior equipment.
I understand that; my parents were both children of the great depression and raised us to be very frugal. After working 40 years and getting the kids through college if I see something nice that I want, and can afford, I’ll buy it.
And carry it on my 20 yo truck to and from my 60 yo house.


Frugality is fine stupidity can kill the paddler or others on the road.


I have a 10’ pelican that cost $150. I also bought a $150 carbon paddle, and a good PFD for $65 dollars on sale. Total $365.

I used it on shallow rivers. Fished from it on calm water and our pond. Even took it to the beach and surfed with it some. But had to beach and empty water every time. Made a two pool noodle rack with pvc inside the pool noodles, and a good cam strap run through the pvc. they were to potect the roof of the car. I tied off with two lines on the front, and two opposing lines on the back. The kayak was also strapped down to both of the pvc/pool noodles strapped through the doors…

I then bought, before the year was out, my used “snob” 17’4" sea kayak with a quality fiberglass paddle for $650, and a used Yakima rack for $150. Total $800. I now had 2 good paddles, so I had a spare, and a good PFD because I put money on quality gear. I like my “snob kayak”, and use it a lot more.

The things I planned doing required a better kayak. I already had many years of canoeing experience in a fiberglass Mohawk Blazer I bought for $180. It ain’t the cost it is the quality and capability that one is seeking. If you don’t need it, then I’m glad you found what you need, but You sound a bit like the fox calling the grapes sour.

Its not snobbery; its the failure of the user to match the tool to the environment. Are you six years old? Name calling seems to be your modus operandi.


She has no PFD on in the picture. Just DUMBASS

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Castoff, I know you have 3 good paddles unless you have done something I couldn’t bear to believe.

rnsparky, you are being offensive to a lot of people here who paddle long boats for their own purposes, but have regularly directed less aggressive friends to rec boats. Like me and others l know of.

It does take a hellaciously outsized, selfish opinion of yourself to continue to rail unfairly at people here because you can’t get that car sized chip off your shoulder. It is your problem, not people here.

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He may be Bill in TR’s brother.

Yes I have 7 kayak paddles, and 2 more sea kayaks. I paid $850 for the tandem and $400 for the stitch and glue kit I built, that someone bought and didn’t build. I was just pointing out that when I started out kayaking, and decided to become a “snob” I didn’t have to spend all that much.

I should say I would recommend a used canoe over a rec kayak, but one would have to learn how to paddle. Does deciding to actually learn how to paddle correctly make one a “snob”? I didn’t realize I was a “snob” kayaker until I read this. So I am still learning about what it takes to be a “snob”.

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This is almost as much fun as the gun thread.


For some, kayaking can begin/continue a spiritual journey. For others it’s just fun on the water, For a hint on the prior perspective try Dubside at:

Hey I have thick skin, start another thread for just you and me I promise I won’t be offended and I’m game :joy::laughing:.

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No argument that safety should be the number 1 priority when out on the water!


I’m retired for the summer. Maybe forever not sure, I miss work.

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We got retired by being cautious, frugal, knowledgeable, and living to tell the tail when we weren’t.

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