I'm starting a youth/adult Kayak fishing program. Jr. Lifeguard Camp


I’m a Lifeguard supervisor Jr. Lifeguard Camp Coordinator and Kayak Program Coordinator and I’m starting a Learn to Kayak Fish Program for summer 2024. Wait on our new fishing Kayaks to arrive.

Any advise for beach and ocean kayak fishing? Safety first, conditioning. Southern California region. Expo Center John C. Argue Swim Stadium.


Capsize recovery practice? I don’t have experience with many of the newer fishing kayaks. I am familiar with the Tarpon series. They are stable, but if flipped how easy are they right? Wearing a PFD while on the water is always advisable. Doing a beach landing if capsized do not get between the boat and the beach.

On the ocean knowing tides and currents are import as are weather forecast. Dealing with fog a GPS, compass, and chart as well as and air horn are important. A VHF is also a very good Idea as is a phone in a waterproof case.

I know you are in Southern California, but this is a good link for cold water survival.
Cold water safety link.
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Beach kayak fishing requires that you get in and out through surf, which is a whole challenge above and beyond the basics of kayaking and kayak fishing,

You may want to take some American Canoe Association classes (perhaps even become an ACA certified instructor) to learn the kayaking side.


Good idea but you have some challenges getting newbies in the ocean. I would consider starting with fresh water lakes in the region. Then your advanced students can graduate to the ocean. They have demonstrate basic skills first.

I teach emotionally challenged kids to ride horses. Safety first is right.

Good for all to offer training. Check out the American Canoe Association’s website for coastal kayaking courses’ curriculum. Nothing about fishing per say, but lots on safety and boat skills to inform and inspire you.