I'm Thinking About Renting Out My Canoe.


I have a couple of extra canoes right now and was thinking about trying to rent out my Wenonah Spirit II before selling it.

Has anyone done this sort of thing before? I am particularly wondering what language they put in the waiver release and what, if any, contact info or collateral/deposit that you might have used to make sure the boat came back. Also, is there any way to protect ourself from gross negligent damage to your boat (beyond expected scratches and wear and tear)?


I’m thinking…
I’m thinking that the aggravation & hassles would far outweigh the monetary gain.


Might as well

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put it out in the driveway and back over it with your car as rent it. People really abuse rentals and very seldom want to pay for damages. Not worth the aggravation as BOB has stated above.