I have been reading this forum off and on for many years and have learned alot about quite an assortment of topics. The other day I wrote in about what was the best solo canoe for fishing was and got 20+ answers back. To the people that answered with there opion I wanted to say thanks and you did help me in my quest. What I wanted to say is that after some very helpful answers the topic that I had asked about seemed to vanish and an all out war about the correct way to paddle among other things. Although you are intitled to your opion on any subject, trying to help people with honest questions seems to be the reason we come here. Most of you have such a vast amount of knowledge that needs to be shared with people like me and others as well. We look to you for help so we dont make costly mistakes or worse. Again thanks you all for your years of learning and sharing and please try to curb the egos a bit. IMHO

I think you are totally wrong and I am right. I’m not sure about what, but I’m ready to argue.

Canooists… gooooood!
Yakers’… baaaad!

so sayz
yuze, wanna make somethin about it?

Yakers’ …gooood!

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Canooists'... baaaaad!

Yakers look sexier in their long narrow kayaks too!

Yaker’s got ugly knees…
Ask CEW…


My knees are pristine
But I’ve got callouses on my butt! Since when is Charlie an expert on knees, canoes yes, knees…I think not!

Just remember to wear your PFD
use your tie downs, and never swim in cold water, and you have it made on this forum.

We all love paddling, and that is the name of the game even though some enjoy name calling more than others.

Jack L

did you try the Fishing forum?
While I am sure there are some egos there too, those egos might be better suited to your ego.

I suspect that many on the Advice forum know little about fishing from boats nor the requirements fisherpeople have.

I have fished from a Hemlock Peregrine, but it was an accidental fishing. I mistakenly let a painter drag in the water and a northern pike bit hard and threw the stern of my boat one way and the other.No way could I have stood and reeled it in.Fortunately it decided it did not like rope. Those pike will try anything.

Egos are just our experience… No one is coming to your house and ramming a meal of ego down your craw. Pick what makes sense and circular file the rest.

Ignoring is a skill that can become an
art form if you are here long enough.

Who carries your beer?!!! :wink:

dougd with the bottomless cooler!!

You warm to some of them after awhile.
Everyone brings something to the table. Take what looks good and pass over the rest.