Immersion Reasearch Rival Jacket???

Does anyone have one of these? I am specifically looking at the short sleeve one.

I recently picked up an IR session short sleeve jacket on closeout. Nice jacket but the material is super noisy. It crinkles and sounds like a diaper. I find that super annoying.

Does the newer Rival jacket have a quieter materiel?



I have an IR Arch Rival
which has latex neck and biceps gaskets in addition to the neoprene seals. It was very recently purchased so I assume is the “new” model and I’m quite sure the material is the same as that used in the Rival.

I think the material is the same as used in prior years. The staffer at NOC said he had used an IR jacket made of the same material for several years and found it to be quite abrasion resistant.

I suppose it does produce some sound but not unlike other similar coated nylon splash garments I have used. I usually only use a garment of this type on whitewater so its noisiness has never been an issue. No question that Goretex is more supple and would be quieter.