Immersion Research Backband

I am going to put an Immersion Research backband in my Rotomolded Perception Eclipse 17 to replace the original hard plastic seat back. My primary reason is to allow myself to lay back flat on the rear deck to roll. I am at the point that I can roll the boat with the seatback removed, but with the seatback in place I am forced into too much of a upright position and I cant make the roll.

I am wondering if I should get the smaller Reggie or the larger Loungeband. I want as much support as possible for touring, but want to be sure that it will no interfere with laying back all the way. Does anyone know for sure which option is best in this boat?

It’s apersonal choice. I’m more of a minimalist, so I would go the with smallest, least restrictive to rotation. Most of my boats do not have backbands anymore, just butt stops to keep me from sliding back too far and off the seat. Snapdragon also offers a decent backband.



try this link
video explaining the differences between the two:

I chose the LoungeBand, it’s a bit cushier for touring but doesn’t restrict laying back or any other movement at the waist. Might ask IR if they changed the design though, the pic on their website is different than shown in the video (mine is the ventilated design like in the video).

The Reggie is big enough

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A back band is supposed to support your hips and the Reggie does that with room to spare. However, it's designed for whitewater boats and it has hardware on it that you don't need, plus it's also missing a key piece for sea kayaks.

I contacted IR and ordered a Reggie without the ratchet buckles, which eliminated the useless parts and saved me some money in the bargain. I added a padeye near the top center of the band, which provides an attachment point that will connect under the rear center of the coaming, where my boat has a connection for the original back band. I use bungee cord for this connection. The webbing straps on the Reggie connect to the cheek plates, just as the original back band did.

This setup has a couple of big advantages over using a stock Reggie with all the standard hardware and straps:

1- When you're entering the boat, you won't catch the top edge of the back band and end up sitting on it. The bungee holds the top edge back, which creates a "slide" that guides you into the seat. This is particularly important with the IR back band, as the neoprene cover and logo are somewhat grippy.

2- When you lay back, the back band will pivot and won't hinder you at all.

There is a picture of this on the third page of my "Kayak Outfitting" album on Webshots at:

It's the red-decked Anas Acuta that has the Reggie in it. You can also see a similar setup with a different back band in the purple-decked Pintail on the first page of the album. I actually prefer the Nylon back band in the Pintail (it's not the stock one, which was junk), but they haven't been available for a number of years.

thanks bnystrom!
I have that backband in my explorer. Now I know how to set it straight!