Immersion Research Polar Skin

I’m looking for something to wear under a splash top for cold water. Anyone have information on the Immersion Research Polar Skin for this purpose? I was thinking about the NRS Mystery but this appears to be well suited for cold water paddling and less costly.

its fleece, Mystery is different

I don’t know if it would be fair to compare the two. Or, were you thinking of Thermo skin?

Layering piece
great piece of insulation and comfy, but if you soak it it’s initially going to be cold like any fleece that you immerse. I’d recommend going the IR ThermoSkin route if you’re playing whitewater.

All depends on your dunkage quotient.

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Cold water fleece
You might consider Reed Aquafleece or the lighter Aquatherm.

How does the
NRS Hydroskin compare to the IR Thermoskin? They’re both 0.5mm neoprene with a lining. I’ll also look into the Reed stuff. Thanks.