Immersion Research Session 2.5 long

sleeve paddle jacket?

I received a new black one today that I bought on ebay for a very good price. This is my first paddling jacket with latex wrist gaskets, so it should be a little more likely to stay dry than my other two jackets that have only the velcro adjustable neoprene wrist seal and gusseted neoprene neck with velcro adjustment. I try not to swim when I paddle and don’t roll, so hopefully, I’ll not have to challenge the seals anytime soon. I’ve had it on inside the house for about a half hour now and the wrist gaskets and neoprene neck seem to be comfortable enough.

I seem to have pretty good range of motion for both single blade and double blade strokes. I don’t think I’ll have much room for thick under layers, because movement seems just a wee bit restricted with a thick flannel shirt under it. I would be wearing snugger fitting capilene under it in normal cold water paddling situations.

It seems to be pretty well constructed.

There aren’t any pockets as there are on my other semi-dry jackets, but I guess that’s not too important when the PFD has pockets. My semi dry pants also have one zippered pocket.

Now I get to make my first attempt to get the jacket off by myself. I probably should have waited until I had someone available to assist me before I tried it on.

It’s interesting that there aren’t any tags in the jacket that identify the model. Only washing instructions.


Any feedback on these IR Session 2.5 jackets? I didn’t find any reviews and the archived discussion threads appear to be on the older models without the latex wrist gaskets.

Any tips on usage precautions and regular care & maintenance would also be appreciated.


IR makes great stuff
I like their soft goods…except for the sizing…their XL is a bit snug…

but their neck gaskets are great!!!get out there and paddle now!!!

Try polypro sometime instead of
Capilene. The magic coating on Capilene causes it to collect a micro layer of H2O under your drytop, and then it gets kinda sodden feeling. Polypro does not have any surface affinity for water whatsoever. There may be a bit of condensation on the inside of your drytop, if the magic pores do not allow moisture to pass outward over temp and water concentration gradients as fast as your body sweats. But at least your major insulating layer will be drier.