Immersion Research -- X Jacket

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Anybody have an Immersion Research X Jacket (dry top) or hear of experiences good or bad? From the IR description, it sounds terrific (of course), but not many places carry it, and there are no online reviews.

Thanks. --David.


About a year now
I’ve been using mine for about a year. Wonderfully supple and comfortable. No bulk with the welded seams. Material breaths great. Long inner tunnel made of something like a cross between spandex/nylon/neoprene sort of material. Definitely worth the investment.

For 2007 they’re coming out with a really nicely designed drysuit to boot!

See you on the water,



Could your provide more details:

  1. Relief zipper?
  2. Overskirt?
  3. MSRP?

I like my IR Competition longsleeve …
It’s very comfy (don’t really notice the neck section) and very dry – I get just a tiny bit of water inside sometimes, but I think it’s probably main;y dripping down from the skirt/cockpit area when I’m upsidedown in Class III+ rapids/ holes. Material seems sturdy and is fairly soft. Consruction is quite good.

I’d say base your decision on water teperature (and somewhat on air temp) – if you’re truly going to be in lots of truly cold water or air or especially both, then get the X or the Competition LX (which has a Latex neck gasket). For me on the near-coastal rivers of NW Calif., the Comp. with neo neck is plenty and a tiny bit of water is not a big deal at all.