Impex Assateague handle repair question

The handles at each end of my Assateague need to be replaced. There are two Phillips heads on top but I can’t possibly reach the nuts. Couple of questions:

  1. Do these fasteners have captive nuts on the other side or is there a special tool to reach them?

  2. Are the handles themselves readily available? Anyone have a source?


On CD kayaks the nuts are not captive. Can you see in there at all?

I ended up cutting a hole in the bow to get to the nut. Then I glassed the hole over.

Email the company. It’s now Abitibi, or something like that. They respond and help, in my experience.

Dang, that’s above my skill level. Something to think about though.

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Thank you! I’ve sent an email to which, interestingly enough, I couldn’t find on their webpage but located it on their FB page. may have handled if manufacturer doesn’t.

Post picture of handle and location.

Maybe you could drill out the screws from the top, then push the screw shank and attached nut down into the hull where a little shaking should get them within reach. Then, stainless pop rivets to attach the new handles.

Sure. Here you go:

The rear is pretty much a mirror image, the handle is about 3.5 ft behind the hatch. I’d like to sell the kayak and the SportsRig trailer but I’d rather repair the handles first.

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You can probably get at the nuts inside using the “wrench on a stick” method. There’s a useful thread here:

If you can’t get both your head and an arm inside the hatch to do the work, you might have to use a mirror to see up under the deck.


Thank you my friend. I’ll try anything once, maybe twice!

Tried that on my CD Titan I restored and found it impossible. Same piece of hardware.

I was trying to remove lifting handle hardware at front tip of the bow.

Might have a shot at the strap handle with stick method. Yes as advised above hang hull upside down . Take 1/2 wooden dowel and cable tie and gorilla tape a open end wrench to it or a socket on a small 1/4" breaker bar. Use 12 point socket or box wrench.

I hang my boats from upper deck with rope. That way I can adjust height to be comfortable when I’m standing up. Makes a huge difference in how long your patience will last not to mention your body.

You’ll need two people with a bit of mechanical skills to steady hull and remove bolt while one holds nut on inside of the hull.

Measure and mark stick on exterior where bolt is to opening then when you put it in you’ll be somewhat close and feet it.

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Where is she?

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I’ll message you momentarily with more details. We’re near Auburn AL.

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They responded as follows:

“We usually have our tools extender to do that kind of job. Our tool extender is a metal or wood pipe that we tape the tool to.
Hope this help, have a great day”

It appears I’ll attempt this as well as the suggestion to hang it upside down. We’ll see how it goes!

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The nuts are captive. Not so on the deck rigging.

Handle kits


Thank you Marshall. I appreciate the information. That really helps.

If you cannot get at the nuts after screw detachment, you could use well nuts.

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Well Nuts can be used in places where you cannot reach inside and also in places where you can reach inside. Instructions are included.

I just used them for the first time. will paddle the boat this weekend.

Thank you! I’ll keep this in mind once the new handles arrive.

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