Impex Assateague Parts Help

Hi all,

I was recently given a used Impex Assateague kayak by a friend. I’ve Google searched in all sorts of ways, but I need to replace the hatch covers as they are dry rotted. So looking for size/recommendations on replacements. This is also the first kayak I’ve personally owned, I’ve only borrowed friends or rented when I’ve been out in the past so I’m curious about what paddles you may recommend to purchase.

Thank you!

Dealer for impex

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For paddles, the lightest you can afford.

Replacement SeaLect Hatches are the current covers used by Impex and fit the older VCP rims that you likely have.

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Great gift! River Connection and TopKayaker both offer replacement parts for Impex. As for paddles look around for a used one if your area allows. Good paddles are costly.

Good paddles are priceless.

Lendal Paddles arrived today. :grin:

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Thank you all! I ended up finding the hatch covers online at Oak Orchard Kayak out of Western NY. Paddle wise, since it’s literally my first time owning, I went with something beginner-intermediate but well rated and got an Aqua-Bound FG Sting Ray. I’ll keep your recommendations in mind as I advance my paddle game haha!

Those look very nice, more than I’m willing to spend at the moment but definitely on my list once I start getting more confident. For my needs, I’m local to many lakes in the Syracuse area and I think the Aqua-Bound suffice for the time being. Thanks for the recommendation!

Enjoy but keep in mind the water temps are still cold.