Impex Assateague

Looking at an Impex Assateague as a replacement for my Boreal Alvik. Anyone know this boat? How does it handle rough water? Following seas? thanks for any help.

going on an expedition
Are you leaving us for an expedition? I can’t offer much advice because I haven’t paddled one, but I have seen one, and they are indeed large boats. 18’ long, and room to pack like a prospector (including the mule).

If you get it, I expect to see you paddling past my window on your way to Greenland. :slight_smile:

Usual questions
Where do you typically paddle?

Your size?

Your expectations of the equipment?


The Impex Assateague has been a staple for us when for larger framed paddlers. If you’re a linebacker build this’ll be an extremely capable kayak for you.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY

It’s big
I’m 6’6" and 215. It fits me quite well.

I have never paddled one in big conditions, though.