Impex Cat.3,4 or 5 and Greenland ?

anyone own one of these kayaks that is doing the Greenland rolling and skills? If so is a relatively easy kayak to perform these in? Thanks, i am going boat shopping.

Sent you some email of contacts
I’ve known owners of the cat 3 and 4 (5 is way too big for you) who have strong greenland backgrounds and really put these boats thru their paces in major paddling. Neither are themselves active on pnet, but I sent you ways to contact them.

Thanks so much Celia.It’s done!

I own the 5
I wouldn’t say i’m a greenland roller by any stretch though i have messed around with rolling using a gp and regularly do lay back rolls and fully horizontal sculling with my Ikelos. I’ve found it awesome for this stuff, although i can’t seem to find my balance brace without some extra balast in the cockpit (half full of water really helps). That is probably just me rather than the boat though.

Thanks Jesse
I can’t wait to try boats out.

Impex Cat 4
I’ve paddled a Cat4 for about 4 years and love it in every way. It’s fast and handles well in all conditions. I use a Greenland paddle and mostly do only a standard Greenland roll, though I’ve played around a bit with forward finishing rolls just for fun. As far as I can tell, it rolls as easily as any all-around sea kayak that isn’t designed to be mainly for rolling. It’s great for long trips, pretty fast for straight-ahead paddling, but also reasonably maneuverable when necessary (though it clearly isn’t as nimble for quick turns etc as many smaller kayaks with more rocker).