Impex Currituck a playful boat?

Would you consider the Impex Currituck a playful boat? Something that is a decent day touring boat, but that could also be fun to play around in the surf/tidal races on? Comparable to a Romany or Pintail or others I’ve read more about?

not particularly…
I wouldn’t consider it a “playful” kayak and it definitely is not close to the Romany or Pintail in the way it paddles. It’s more of a straight ahead general touring sea kayak.

Not from what I heard
This is only ONE person’s feedback, submitted through her boyfriend and then through me to you: the Currituck tracks stronger than a Tempest 165.

I somewhat disagree
Definitely not as playful as a Pintail, and perhaps slightly less maneuverable than a Romany, but by no means a dud. I’d place it in the same general category. It’s just another compromise, one you may really enjoy.

I don’t think anyone who knows kayaks would discount a Currituk as a great all round boat that is quite playful and totally capable of rock gardening, tidal race play etc.

considering the majority of my paddling.
I guess I should consider that the majority of my paddling will be on large lakes (i.e. finger lakes) for the time being. Though when the weather kicks up we can get 4 foot waves coming down the lake and some real craziness for lake paddling. But I want to also get into something that will last as I move onto more ocean ventures. Another few years and I’d like to move towards the ocean and hopefully have something that I’ll enjoy paddling once I am there.

Nobody said it was a dud
I said that one person thought it tracked stronger than a Tempest 165, which I consider to track stronger than either a Romany or a Pintail.

Sorry, was reacting more to
the post above. No one is wrong, just opinions.

It’s an excellent kayak!
You couldn’t go wrong assuming it fits your body, and you are comfy. The kayak will handle anything you can.

General purpose boat
The Currituck is a good general purpose sea kayak. Not as ‘playful’ as a Pintail or Romany but cetainly capable of rock gardening and surfing.

Heck, I’ve used my Aquanaut for rock gardening and surfing - though my Romany is easier to use for such.

Currituck is not a bad boat. If you are in the finger lakes area, there is even a dealer that usually has one to rent so that you could test it on Cayuga lake to get a feel for it in your typical area.

It could be good for you,
A common complaint about the Pintail is that it is too playful to use as a all-round boat.

The Currituck is a bit longer than a Romany. It might track a little bit better.

Have you tried it? What other boats have you tried?

i probably don’t know kayaks though…
I never said it was a dud either but when I’ve paddled it, it didn’t strike me as a particularly fun boat to me. As for rock gardens and tidal races, in the right hands, most all kayaks are “capable” so I’m not sure how much to make out of that statement.

not as much rocker, …
not as much beam as my Sirocco, but the one time I paddled one it seemed plenty maneuverable to me

but here’s the boat that I want:

I think the Susquehanna is a redecked Diamante. There are a goodly number of them around. I’ve known a number of paddlers who love them. You should be able to find one pretty cheap.

Relax schizo
I’m certain you know kayaks… Your comments just seemed pretty absolute to me, and my experience with the boat was good, and I don’t believe the differences are as great as you may find them. I’ve paddled a Romany for many years, as well as many boats. I happen to find the Currituk quite playful on edge, and a great balance of variables over all.

Note I said “somewhat disagree”. I think it’s an excellent all round ocean boat…

no worries…
I was just poking a little fun although on a second read of my last post, it does seem a bit more serious than I intended it to be. The reality is that across the wide range of sea kayaks, theren’t really aren’t huge differences in performance and behavior. Granted, I come from a completely biased perspective of a playboater so I tend to think most sea kayaks are boring. I’m definitely not an NDK apologist and actually am probably just the opposite.

Salty, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for the most part over the years so forgive me if from time to time I can’t help instigating “cranky old dudes” or in the case of flatpick, “cranky old dudes with grey beards.”


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Chicks dig me… Likewise on the regard thing.

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