Impex Currituck or Susquehanna?

That’s the question

Been there done that…
A good question, but how about some data. What size are you, what do you want to use if for, have you demoed both? I really liked both boats, and ended up purchasing an old Diamante…which is an older version of the Susquehanna.


I thought the Diamante was the Susquehanna hull, but with less outfitting (day hatch, different hatch covers, perimeter lines, seat)

If I ever get a sea kayak, Susquehanna/Diamante is on my wish list.

Impex improved their boats
Can’t recall what happened when, but the Impex boats of the last few years are a lot improved from the first ones I saw some years ago, the era of the original Diamante. The diff’ s are more like pre- and post- Danny M’s influence coming up than an intentional basic and LX version.

You are correct…
My old Diamante has external fiberglass hatches with neoprene covers, and a rather ugly splotchey yellow deck…but I still like her a bunch.

The new Susquehanna (I believe) does have the same hull, but with Valley hatches (or Kajaksport?), and I am sure a much better built boat overall since Danny came along.

My old craft, I believe was made in England.


North Shore Design

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While I thought that Impex had been solidly based in Canada, there is a window well back that a number of things may have been possible. Impex essentially started out using the old North Shore designs, which was a British kayak maker. In fact when we first started looking at kayaks at all you would trip over a North Shore boat once in a while in a show room. The Montauk was a particularly successful design, all North Shore tho' I don't know if it was named that then, for its time. Of course subsequently it became the Impex boat we know now.

What characteristics do you want?
Depending upon a lot of factors that I don’t know the variables to, here’s the basic difference;

Currituck + Faster Cruising Speed

Susquehanna + More Nimble in Conditions

Have both models in my instructional fleet. The Currituck is the flagship of the fleet and keep more of them on hand as they fit a wider range of bodies and beginners.

Need more data on you and what you are looking for out of your new Impex Kayak.

I know of a site that you could go to for more info. (hmmmm, wonder what that is… :wink:

See you on the water,


been away from email
sorry to not reply sooner

I’m 230" and currently paddle a Chatham which doesn’t have sufficient volume in the stern for my weight (freeboard becomes a bull dozer when I edge).

When I pack it full for a trip, it begins to take on characteristics of a submarine. I also have a Sirocco, like the volume of that, but it’s too squirrely/toooo manuverable for my tastes. If the Susquehanna were less squirrely than a Sirocco that would be perfect. Have sat in a Currituck; the fit was perfect; but have yet to paddle either boat.

(Not interested in an Assateague)

more info

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I'm looking for a touring boat for tripping that would double up as an everyday boat too (Assateague would be a great tripping boat, but too big for my everyday paddling tastes). Must be high enough volume for my weight. Low back. Heavy lay up preferred. I've paddled an Explorer; location of cockpit cuts into my thighs. I've tried an HV; fits well, but "humps" too ugly for words. Haven't paddled the Romany HV, but looks like the same problem as the Chatham: too low volume stern for me. I've paddled a Tempest 170; like everything but the gizmo seat. Currituck super comfortable, fit perfectly without outfitting, and I like the simplicity/heavy lay up.

Currituck & …

For your weight + what ever you’re loading up on the Currituck would probably be a better candidate from what you have stated. BTW what is your height?

New Candidate

Force 4 or Force 5 (depending upon shoe size)

If you’re comfortable edging the boat hard it’s surprising how manuverable an 18’ boat will be. At 20.75" wide and not much rocker it’s got a faster cruising speed than the Currituck but not as easy to turn with simply a sweep stroke. Get it up on edge and it has about 80% of the manuverability of the Currituck.

I paddle a Currituck for when I’m teaching and a Force for when I’m out in the morning doing a fast paddle before opening up for the day.

Guess I’ve muddied the selection process.

See you on the water,



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I've paddled both. The deck of the Force 4 too low for me (same problem as the Explorer). Force 5 fit but didn't like it.

You say Currituck, but when I look at the specs, the Susquehanna and C. have the same numbers in the front and back. Are you ruling the S. out because of its volume or because it has the excessive squirreliness of the Sirocco/Gulfstream that I'd like to avoid?

The obvious missing ingredient here is time on the water. I need to try these boats out. Too bad there aren't many to demos around here (Portland OR). Alder Creek has a pretty white C. in stock, but no S.

Montauk = Shoreline
The Impex Montauk is the North Shore Shoreline.

Do what I did…
Just get one of each. :slight_smile:


You are definitely
pushing it in the CH 17 at 230. Currituk is an excellent boat. What about the T180? People seem to like that boat for camping etc.?

He didn’t like the seat in the T170.

Easy fix…

The only final answer is
to paddle each one. I’ve got a Currituck and it’s the sweetest boat I’ve ever paddled, but that’s just my opinion. I’d hate to say get one over the other when the other might just feel better for you to paddle. Is there any way you can demo both?

Different Fit

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The cockpit fit of the Susquehanna and the Currituck are definitely different. The Susquehanna is snugger.

The soft chine of the Currituck is a smaller radius turn as compared to the Susquehanna. Bringing both boats up on edge has a very different feel. The Susquehanna has a very fluid (yeah pun, I guess) feel where the resistance that is required to bring the boat up on edge is very constant. With the flatter bottom of the Currituck (a little differencein shape makes a difference in feel) gives a bit more of a harder chine impression where the primary and secondary stability points have more clearly identifiable stop points.

Currituck makes for a drier ride. The Susquehanna, a sprayskirt will be mandatory as it is easy to get the cockpit coaming into the water when edging.

Paddling both will be the deciding factor. If you want to hop a flight to Hyde Park, NY we can go hit the Hudson for a bit. Was out today in a Currituck. Flat calm and 45 degrees before the fog burned off.

Hope this helps more than it confuses.

Go to Mike's site, next post, it's a good picture and perhaps you might be able to discern some differences more than the catalog provides.

See you on the water,

True, and
since WS won’t sell the seat separately, except to a dealer for a break/fix situation, one could maybe sell the seat for a hundred or two on the “black market.” Wouldn’t go into just any kayak, I suppose. Certainly to someone with an older model seat looking to upgrade.

Paul S.

I am definitely
pushing it in the CH 17 at 230. You got that right, Salty.