Impex Currituck

About me…

  • 6’3"
  • 190Lbs

    I tried paddling it and love it. It fits me very very well.

    Now when I add camping gear to the boat, lets say 50-60Lbs will this be “not enough of a boat” or just right? What say you?

Should be fine
Having gone some miles with a partner who paddles a Currituck, and paddling it a bit myself, I think I can say you’re right in the proper range.

Although he’s perhaps only 5’8", he’s probably closer to 200 lbs., and paddles Lake Superior with a full complement of camping gear. In fact, many such boats will handle wind and waves BETTER with some cargo in their holds.

I seriously considered the Currituck myself, but at 5’10" and 175 lbs., I opted for her sister, the Force 4, primarily for the added speed and range. But the Currituck is a quite capable boat and able to haul a load.

Enjoy it!


force 4 is also on my list…
It will be one or the other… but I am leaning more towards the Currituck as a more playfull boat. You think force4 is much faster and straight tracking boat then the currituck?

I don’t have much seat time in the Currituck, but I think the Force 4 is noticeably faster and straighter-tracking. I’ve never paddled a boat with such acceleration.

But it comes at the price of maneuverability. If you don’t mind heeling it over for a lean-turn, she will respond quite nicely, but not as tightly as the Currituck.

I already have a shorter, more playful boat so was looking for an all-day cruiser capable of putting on some miles with a load. I think I’ve found that in the Force 4.

The Currituck still has good speed and tracking (certainly much more than my playboat), yet is more playful than the Force 4. If you’re looking for an excellent all-around kayak for surf play, daytrips, and also capable of overnight trips, the Currituck is a prime candidate.

If your dealer also stocks the Force 4 (or, at your size, perhaps the Force 5), give it a try. Trust your butt …

Good Luck!


Both very competent boats
But quite different characters, as has been pointed out above. I found the Force to be a very competent boat, but to me not a very fun boat. It was quite long and heavy (more of an issue on land or on top of the car) and really wanted to go straight. It would respond well to a lean turn, true, but it did not have that sporty feel that I like. As an expedition boat it would probably be superb, though that is not how I paddle.

For using the kayak as a tool for going point A to point B, it is hard to beat the Force. But I am not interested in primarily going from point A to point B - I am in it for fun and exploration and skill development. I like the feel of the Currituck type boat, and it is plenty fast and no problem tracking either. It is shorter and easier to get around quickly.

One other thing - I see that you are a beginner who is quite enthusiastic. My take is that a more responsive boat and a bit shorter boat is a better boat for developing skills, although I admit that the Force is a great boat.

So I am not saying that the Force is not as good a boat - just that if you love it and prefer the Currituck, there is no reason to “dis” it just because the Force is a bit faster at top end or a more “modern” design.

BTW, Impex recommends the Currituck for paddlers up to 220 pounds, so I wouldn’t worry about that if it feels good to you.

perfect kayak
you are within the range.

I paddle one and I just fit at 6’1" and 240lbs but that’s because I have thick legs.

I use mine for playing/surfing and my girlfriend uses hers for week long trips and play boating.

There is plenty of room for camping gear and since the hatches are oval the stuff is easy to load.

I even have mounted a custom sail and the kayak sails better then my ruddered ones, using just the skeg.