Impex Diamante

Hello guys…I am new here and this is my first post :slight_smile: Anyways, I just want to ask you guys about this Impex Diamante FB kayak…a friend of mine is selling me his and its a goodlooking kayak too. There is no review for this particular kayak on the product reviews, so im asking those people who got this kayak about the stability, performance, etc. The only thing i know is that, its expensive lol and got a skeg and its pretty :slight_smile:

actually theres reviews
Look under Formula theres the reviews. Also look up info on Impex website. Actually a very cheap kayak as fiberglass ones go. There’s a guy on our local board that has one and loves it. When i looked at one in person,the material looked somewhat too flexy/flimsy to me. Not crazy about that style of a hatch seal(like a car trunk basically) but works ok.

Also a Susquehanna
The Diamante is the same hull design as the Susquehanna. Different hatch option on the Susquehanna with VCP oval and round covers. Performance = same review.

Might want to check eBay! too.

See you on the water,


lovely boat handles waves well
speedy enough for group trips maneuverable enough for rocks. ONe of my favorites.

nice kayak
I had one years ago and it was a very nice paddling sea kayak. Very nice rolling kayak and handles well on the water. Good stabilty and just alot of fun to paddle. The fellow i sold it to paddled it for several years and then sold it to a friend and upgraded to the same kayak but in carbon fiber. It is a very nice kayak in my oppinion!


Thought it was car.