impex diamonte (sp)

looked at a carbon/kevlar impex diamonte yesterday - paddled it in protected water - liked the tight cockpit, and crisp handling - however - wondered why it was discontinued, and if it’s too agressive a boat for an advanced novice - searched the archives, but came up short - the one thing the dealer mentioned is that the hatches did leak some - - anyone own, or familiar with ?? - tia


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is like the slightly bigger version of the Montauk. I believe the Susquehanna may have replaced the Diamante (? in name). Folks with generally paddling the Diamante have the same positive comments as with the Montauk. Also, the same negative comment -- the leaky hatch design with the rubber gasket around the rim. Personally I don't think it's a big deal. I get a couple of quarts when I roll/scull practice for a couple of hours.

I think it is a fine all around touring boat -- some rocker for rougher water handling -- so not the fastest kayak on the block but certainly not the slowest either.


P.S. Here is the Canadian Link -- Forumula kayak, I believe - makes or used to make the kayaks sold by Impex.

great !!
sing, as usual, you come thru ! - i couldn’t find a thing - - i’m considering this, or a P & H Orion - the Orion may be sold, so i haven’t paddled it - talked to doug gray last night, and he said it was a boat he liked a lot - - both carbon/kevlar - that composit seems to get mixed reviews

Impex Diamante
I have one, and although I don’t have a lot of experience I would have to say it is a very comfortable stable kayak. As sing said it may not be the fastest, but it does move quite well. It is one of those kayaks that doesn’t excel in one area, it’s just an overall good boat. It can certainly handle any conditions that I would ever think of going out in.

As for the hatches. The newer ones have gaskets on the hatch, not the kayak. Impex will help you get that fixed if it has the older style. The new style stays dry as long as you take a few extra seconds to close them properly. Which is applying a little pressure to compress the seal and then snapping the strap.

Also, for what it’s worth, the company has great customer service. Check out their web site.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. Rob

Diamante is now called susquehanna
and it is a sweet boat, Lighter than the orion (good and bad in that)

The Diamonte was the name applied to the kayaks sold in Canada (and possibly elsewhere). For the US market, they gave the boat another name – which I cannot recall at this moment in time.

A few boats slipped through: I have seen Canadian boats with the US name on them, and I would assume that there are probably some boats sold in the US market with the Canadian names applied.

I believe all the boats are manufactured by Mid-Canada Fibreglass in New Liskard, Ontario. In the US market, the kayaks are marketed by “Impex”; in Canada they market the kayaks as “Formula”. It is possible that there is some US manufacturing and that what I was told about all the boats being manufactured in New Liskard is incorrect. But it is what I was told by a larger Canadian dealer.