Impex Diamonte vs. Gulfstream/Sirocco

In my quest to add to small but growing fleet, I’ve had my eye on the Gulfstream or Sirocco from CD, waiting for the right opportunity to seize a used boat. (looking for a good edging and fairly playful boat in the 16’-17.5’ range).

Saw a classified recently for a Diamonte by Impex and looking at the specs it appears to be very comparable to the Gulfstream.

But there aren’t any product reviews here or elsewhere that I’ve been able to locate.

Does anyone have any comments on similarities between these boats? Length/Hull Design/Rocker appear very close to my untrained eye.

All advice welcome,


I think the Diamante is the same as
the Impex Susquehanna for which there is only one review:

are similar in efficiency but different enough in weathercocking that the Gulfstream is more desirable. Don’t know about the other boat. The Gulfstream feels like a 14’ kayak.

The Gulfstream is a bit longer and wider than the Diamante, might be a shade faster, Diamante might have a bit more rocker & be more maneuverable, but they’re both good choices as do-everything- pretty -well day boats with the capacity for camping, overnights, weekends, etc.

The Gulfstream has a considerably larger cockpit, so if you are a larger person, the Gulfstream might fit you better, or if you’re smaller, the Diamante would be the choice. Build quality is good in both, although the Diamante’s hatches can leak. The newer version of the Diamante, the Susquehanna, has top-shelf Valley oval hatches and a day hatch.


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i had a [kevlar] gulfstream and have no problems recommending it. i wish i still had it. i'm 6ft 200lbs and the cock pit fit me well. it leans well yet feeels very comfortable and not tippy. i never got to camp out of it but i had it on the coast of vancouver island and paddled the kennedy river as well and it was a joy to paddle. i can't comment on the others.

Thanks to all…
For the advice and observation.

From the looks of things, the deal I’m trying to make work out on the Sirocco appears to be coming together so that may just end up being the choice.

Trying to find a used Gulfstream has not played out, but there’s always room for another boat in the fleet… so perhaps I can add that one down the road…

Thanks again… hope to see you guys on the water.

There are 5 reviews for the Diamante under Formula kayaks…

…not sure of the history but pretty sure it’s the same boat as the Impex Diamante/Susquehanna.

I bought an 05 Susquehanna near the end of last season so I don’t have a lot of seat time but so far I like it a lot. Very responsive. If “playful” is what you’re looking for you should definitely give it a try.


got that right on the susquehanna
both are fine and fun boats. T think the susquehanna/diamante might weathercock a bit less and surf a bit better. The gulfstream might be a bit easier to turn and more forgiving.