Impex Diamonte

Hello All! Trying to find an Impex Diamonte for sale. I know the company went under, but love the hull design and my boat is 18 years old. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Rex in Nags Head, NC

Think Mega makes it as a line of boats?

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Take a look at the following link, believe it's the several boats, Marauder and Rapide...y/n?

pic of older boat:

newer company link:

Impex is still around
Hi Rex, Impex is still around , just a new owner. I own a Currituck and love the boat.

Give then a call

Definitely looks like the real thing…
That has the boats!

Impex Diamonte/Currituck
Hello John!

Just purchased a Montauk after losing my Mystic…but my old Diamonte is my favorite boat! Thanks for the “update”. Rex in Nags Head, NC

Hi Rex,

A company called Abitibi bought the Impex molds and is now selling Impex kayaks. They also hired the production guy from the previous manufacturer so hopefully build quality is similar. I’m considering a purchase myself. Being in the states you should get a good price due to the exchange rate.

Good luck and please post on build quality, customer service, etc if you purchase. Ty

Hi johngoldhurst,

Is your currituck from Abitibi or MCF? If Abitibi, how was the customer service and build quality? Ty