Impex Force 3

I had a look at the Impex Literature at Lee’s in kalamazoo yesterday.

I saw the “final” specs for the force 3.

It says that the kayak will be 16’6" with only a 20.5" beam and a 10.5" deck. If this is true, this could be THE day touring kayak for those of us seeking a small day boat.

We’ll see what the hull profile is like and how much rocker they put in it. But I am genuinely excited about a test paddle. Lee’s will hopefully be getting a demo in September sometime.

Sounds Good!
10.5" on the front and not the back deck, I hope.


amidships is
how it was termed in their catalog. and from when I spoke with danny in the past that meant the front lip of the cockpit.

I’m hoping
that Danny will have a demo at Ladies of the Lake next week.

more options… I love it!
I’ll add that to the list of boats I need to try out:

Valley Anas Acuta

NDK Romany LV

Impex Outer Island

Impex Force 3

Greg Stamer/Maligiaq/Cherri Perry’s SOFs