Impex Force 4 Reviews?

Anyone have any reviews on this boat. I paddled one , seemed like a good tracker and good speed, but conditions were dead calm. Would like input of how it handles wind and waves.


you may be the first one to paddle
one then, because I don’t think anyone else has, impex has been stalling the release to resolve some tech issues with the design or the mold, not sure which, and I don’t want to start rumor mongering. Bottom line is the boat doesn’t exist to the public yet.

still no info on their site.
“coming soon”.

Force 4
Impex had to delay their launch of the boat because they changed the hull design. The boat is now available for sale.I’ve paddled both versions. The revised design is much better, just not sure yet about how it handles the rough stuff as the conditions were calm.

Force 4
I paddled the Force 4. Great cockpit fit, good tracking and stability, primary and secondary. Easy to turn as well. I liked the tight knee braces. Good speed but did not appear blistering speed. I am looking into it in lieu of the QCC 700 but can’t get information, reviews opinions on how it would handle rough conditions. Paddled on calm lake with soft breeze. Not enough.