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Yes, there have been several past posts on the Force series and ponderings. I do understand that while the Force 3 and 4 have yet to be delivered, a number of retailers and outfitters have had the Force 5 boats for a while. With nothing in the reviews on, has anyone paddled the Five and can offer comments and their experience? ( I am eager to try the 4 when it comes out)Thank you.

Force 5?
Impex has been building the Force Category 4, with the Force Category 3 not yet available. I haven’t heard of any Force 5

I haven’t seen any reviews of the Force 4 other than the one I posted.


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Steveey, where is your review?

I see nothing in the reviews under Impex.

I reviewed it on this site.

Impex Kayaks- Force 5
Hello all,

There have been a few Force Category 5 kayaks shipped in New England and the Mid Atlantic. The Force Cat.4 will be shipping next month as well as the Cat.5. The Cat.3 will be shipping as well in late September early October. Any specific questions please do me a favor and get in touch with me at: The kayak has been well received, mixing speed and manuverability. We are looking forward to good things.


Impex Kayaks

Specs and pics? NM

Yes please!!
Specs and photos