Impex Force 5 -- How is it for rolling?

It’s been a long time since I paddled and I’m looking for a boat for fitness paddling, big lake/river tripping and greenland paddling/rolling. From the reviews I have found the Force 5 ticks the first two boxes easily, but I haven’t seen any mention of how it rolls. My last sea boat was an NDK Explorer which is such a lovely rolling boat, I don’t want to stray too far from that while getting a boat that is better for straight line speed and tracking. No longer have interest in rock garden play…



I’m not sure how good the Force 5 would be for Greenland style rolling with that high back deck.

I’m starting to think a Force 4 might be a better choice…

Oops, the person l knew paddled a 4. Sorry, the 5 was comparatively little usedvompared to 3 and 4. Are you that big?

I reached out to him and he actually uses a 4 for his normal boat and used a 5 for his trip to Sweden. So, with experience with both, he was the perfect person to chat with on the subject. The 5 got on my radar when I saw a used one at a good price. I’m 6’1" 200lbs so both boats had me in the range, so I needed to see if the 5 would do what I was asking of it… Seems like it is too big… Thanks!