Impex Force Cat 3 or 4

Anybody have experence with Impex Force Cat 3 or

4. I test paddled both, & they seemed like

good all around boats. Cat 3 was very snug fitting

fit like a glove, but seemed a little slow maybe

due to shorter lenght 16.6. Cat 4 seemed to due

it all & quick, but deck not as low as Cat 3

what was what really sold me on the cat 3.

paddler weight
The 3 is billed for a smaller paddler and less weight. In a shorter boat, the more you weigh the less volume and length to distribute in, thus adding to inches of boat in the water. This may account for the slower feel in addition to the shorter length.

Folks who like the 3 so far are lighter weight paddlers not just smaller folk.

I have been in it yet, but hope to see it soon myself.

Force Fit
You may want to consider going to a higher seat in the Force 4 to give you a better fit. The only negative will be a higher centre of gravity.

I paddle a Force 5 with a raised seat, I’m 5’4" and the boat fits me very well.

When I paddle the 3 I definitely feel low in the water. I have to shoe horn myself in at 6’ 195lbs. The 4 is a far better fit and performance for someone my size. The 5 fits just as well except that my knees are a little more vertically oriented due to the higher deck height allowing my heels to move outboard toward the hull a little more. So the upshot is that if you’re 160lbs.+ then go with the 4.

See you on the water,