Impex Force Cat3?

One for sale nearby.

I’m mildly interested, but know nothing about the kayak other than reading some remarks about gelcoat cracking and quality control issues.

The $2150 price seems rather high for a 2012 boat. Also appears the manufacturer closed up shop.

Any Impex paddlers here who can comment on the brand?


neat boat
I paddled one at symposium years ago but it was too small for me. As I recall it tracked very well and was well-built.


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is now back with a new owner which you can google. Good boats quality product made in Canada. Price is a bit high due to condition. Cracks on the sides seem like it may have been tied down to tight. Check both sides. Probably 3200 new roughly plus shipping and tax. If it was a cream puff may be worth near that. Look at other similar boats by googling it up. Don't rush into it winter is coming and deals appear. I got a 2 year old Current Designs Solstice for 1800 in reality like new one faint scratch on the bottom and a ton of gear all totaling over 4 grand new plus tax. Be patience. When buying anything you can go up on an offer or walk away and see if they take it. You can turn back in 5 minutes or even 30 seconds after telling them you are looking at others or could be back with cash in a short trip to an ATM. Seller can never go up in price. I see toms of kayaks where people ask high and sell low. Easy to look up a cars value not so easy with yaks. First establish new cost of an item. Then how many scratches or cracks you will live with for the savings. has a ton listed and check here in the classified also. Many times they are sold but you can get a feel for what a yak is worth. Deals are out there.

Impex Assateague
I’ve owned an Impex Assateague for over 3 years now. I’m about 6’2", 220 lbs, and this boat gives great performance while fitting well and not being a bathtub. I believe mine is a 2007 model.

It’s a relatively heavy boat but much more durable than some of the lighter ones you can buy. I’ve considered a CAT 5 since I couldn’t fit into a CAT 3 but haven’t yet had the chance to test paddle one.

Mine came with a few spider cracks, some nice gouges, and a bit of cracking around the cockpit coaming. I’ve added to the collection here and there but none of them detract from the ability to paddle the boat. The gelcoat has faded quite a bit from sitting on my truck in the sun but I’d rather own a boat that looks like I use it a lot - because I do.

The rubber VCP (Valley Canoe Products) hatches dry out and crack over time and can be expensive to replace, but after using them and many others I’ll pay to replace with genuine VCP ones in a heartbeat. Application of 303 protectant (and similar products) can prolong the life considerably.

Check out Sealect Designs hatches

Appreciate the feedback.
Thanks, guys. Paddledog, I’m 5’5" and tipped the scales this morning at 108#. Lots of used boats listed, but LVs are like pixie dust. I’ve been searching since last summer.

Thanks for mentioning weight, Sparky. The ad claims the boat is 50#, but I’ve seen it reported as 55# at outfitter sites. The weight is a negative. Too bad it’s not carbon.

The Impex is only 25 miles from me so I’ll do a bit more checking (and thinking) before contacting the seller to arrange a demo.

Force 3
Several of my friends paddle Force 3s and they are great boats. They are long, narrow, and fast. They are also heavy - assuming that they are fiberglass construction. Two of the women I know are about your size and are very experienced paddlers. The Force 3 is a lot of boat and it takes a fairly skilled paddler to get the most out of it. Not everyone your size can turn a 17 or 18 foot boat in 3’ seas with a 30 mph wind, but this boat can handle just about anything you can throw at it. The price seems to be a bit high. I might be happier in the 1,500 to 1,800 range but I am cheap.


I would be looking @ or similar size kayaks

Weight and length

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were the reasons my interest was just mild. My preference for length is 15 and a few inches, 16 tops. Under 50 pounds. Fiberglass is heavy, that I do know.

I'm a solo paddler for the most part and don't do overnights, so I think that as nice as it may be, the Force 3 is more boat than I need or want at my skill level.

@Paddledog. Funny you should mention the Fathom LV. I paddled that boat a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't a demo boat, but a privately owned Fathom LV. The owner paddled my kayak and I paddled his. Initially a bit tender but secure while edging. It fit well, was fast, and I liked it. A new one (delivered in April 2017), is a few hundred bucks more than the used Force 3.

Thanks for the input.

CD kayaks at less that 16 feet are about 50 lb.