Impex Force deck fittings

I noticed that the bolts/screws that hold the deck fittings in place do not have washers and nuts on the inside like I have seen on the bolts through pad-eyes. Seems that the deck would be too thin to hold the fitting in place, but everything is solid and I have no problems. Just wondering if there was something I can’t see that gives more bite for the bolt and if adding a washer and nut on the inside would give any real benefit.

I am also looking at adding some of those protective “acorn” nuts on the bolt ends to replace the rubber protective covers that came with the kayak. Anyone know if the bolts are metric or standard.


I lernt something today

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Took all my deck lines out no problem and thought they had glassed in the stern and bow nut. Nope, they didn't was the thought when I heard it drop.

So, how the heck does one get that nut back in place with standard issue human arms?

Easy, I threaded a small cable through the top of the boat and put the washer and nut on the interior end of the cable with a stop on the cable and a dab of glue on the nut and washer. Then pull the other end of the cable tight to fasten aliened nut and washer under the hole. After a few minutes the n&w were secure and I reinstalled the screw.

Not as dumb as I look

ok, maybe I am

Around each bolt hole there is usually an extra piece of coring laid into the deck layers instead of a washer. Just the way they’re made.

BElle, nice trick with the nut & washer. The other Impex boats have glassed in nuts at the ends but I handn’t tried to remove the end fittings on my Forces. I’ll keep you trick in mind if I do. Thank you in advance.

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