Impex Irie question

Local listing for an Impex Irie. 13.5 feet. It was the sellers dad who recently passed. They are asking $1000. With paddling accessories.
I can’t find much on the web that is current. I am 5’10” 170. Is it worth going to look at?
Thanks in advance for your time in responding

It’s 24" wide and 13" deep which sounds big enough to me, and the manufacturer says it’s good up to 190 lbs, but the proof is in giving it a try. What seems small to one person might seem huge to another. Impex boats are well made and comfortable, though $1000 seems a bit steep to me, depending on condition and the value of the accessories. What are you hoping to do with it? It’s a light rec/ touring boat.

Thanks. Local creeks, small rivers, and lakes. I’m inland, so no ocean for me.
Recently traded in my wife’s and my 2011 Tsunami 14.5 for a sportsman, to fish.
She wasn’t fit for that and it was way to big so it wasn’t getting any use.
Have been saving for Eddylines in the spring but this popped up

Accesssories are cheap Werner paddle, spray skirt, gear bag, bilge pump, and life jacket.

Can you go paddle it? That’ the gold standard. If so then I’d go and try to talk them down a bit… but if you like the boat and it’s in good condition it’s not a bad price, just not a screaming deal. :slight_smile:

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to expensive I feel.

Thanks all. Seller did not know the year.
I’m going to let this one pass. I would rather save and get something I really want rather than try and save a buck

What is something you really want? Have you paddled the Eddylines? I don’t think you can determine what you really want without paddling it. If the Irie is near you it’s a good opportunity to try it out. Also, there should be a HIN number on the bow; the last two digits are the year it was made. The Impex boats are very good quality and if it fits you well it should last a really long time.

Also if you liked the Tsunami 145 it’ll probably feel very small to you, since the 145 is really big.

Overall my advice is to take your time and go to see and paddle a lot if different boats before committing to one.

Advice well taken. However my location (inland) is not very conducive to paddling a lot of boats. Most dealers are marketing to the masses.
Unfortunately, my decision will have to be based on real world feedback, videos, reviews etc. I am by no means anything more than beginner / intermediate paddler and I hope what i don’t know won’t hurt me.

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OK, I understand, and was in your shoes not too long ago. FWIW, I would always advise anyone starting out (or wanting to get a more costly boat) to buy used. Often you will be able to re-sell a used boat for what you paid, if/when you decide it’s not quite right for whatever stage you’re at. Even if you don’t get an opportunity to paddle a used boat, you can take along some pool noodles (I got this good advice here, from Rookie), support the boat on them, and then sit in it. See if you feel comfortable in it. and as if it fits you well.

The Irie might well not be the right boat for you, but let’s just pretend, for the sake of argument, that it fit you as well as the model whatever Eddyline you were thinking of buying new. If that were the case, then you could save $1000+ by buying used, and the used Impex (provided it’s in good condition) would be just as good as the new Eddyline.

I’ve bought and then re-sold about 5 boats in the years I’ve been paddling, and have never lost money (of course you could, though!). Each boat taught me something valuable. But I know many people can’t be bothered with the hassle. Anyway, just my perspective.

Post other boats you’re looking at and you’re sure to get a lot (if not too much :wink: advice.

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I was in the same place this spring. I had to rely on YouTube to tell me exactly what to buy. No one around here even really rents kayaks except for sketchy listings on google.

How did it work out for you?

Good. I’ve launched over 30 times this year on over 20 different lakes.

I realize this is an old topic, but since I own an Impex Erie and us it primarily on a lake and occasionally on the Potomac I thought I’d add my thoughts for others down the line.

Basically, this is a great boat for relaxed paddling. I remember reading something from the manufacturer or designer years ago when I got it that it was the boat they like to take out with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a leisurely paddle. That is this boat exactly. It is fast enough to still be enjoyable, but steady enough to relax in and it maneuvers beautifully. And being an Impex, it is very well built.

I also own a CD Caribou S and a WS Arctic Hawk that I enjoy using for longer paddles when I want to cruise at speed. But when I want to just go for a more leisurely paddle and enjoy the day, the Erie is easier to cartop, easier to launch (because its shorter) and easier to maneuver is tighter spaces. Although not a fishing kayak by any stretch, I do a bit of bass fishing from it and it works just fine. It is also a boat my wife, who doesn’t kayak much, or other newer paddlers feel comfortable in and enjoy right away.

I’m keeping my other boats that track better, go faster, etc. because of their length, but the Erie has a bit of a special place in my heart.

I bought mine used about 8 years ago and paid $800, including a life jacket and paddle, which I thought was a great deal.

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