impex irie

still thinking about a second, smaller boat for easy toss-in-the-water use - one for lazy, rudder controlled gunk holeing - the above comes in at 32# in carbon/kevlar, and although pricy ($2200.) for a 13 1/2’ x 24" boat, could be a lot of fun - i demo’d one last year in 25mph wind, and was pretty impressed, but now with some paddling under my belt, will try it again - but - just wondered if any of you have the boat - - i’m 6’, 170#, and heading for 66yrs, so i realize i may have to forget that paddle to monhegan island - thanks - john

At 66 you an still paddle to Monhegan, but probably not safely in an Erie

my kind of person !!
an eternal optimist !!! =:-)

At your weight and height
I would think the erie is a little too small. It is an attractive boat but may not be efficient enough. I am 54, 6’2" and 185 lbs and I would need a larger boat.

By the way, how long have you been paddling? And how long do you usually go out when you do paddle?

I really liked the Irie
I test paddled the Irie on a large river on a pretty breezy day. I really liked the boat, and didn’t need to use the rudder at all. The only reason I didn’t buy it, is because I weigh 270 Lb, and I thought it sat a bit too low in the water for me. It handled really great, and I was sad tobnot be able to buy it.

I bugged Danny at Impex to tool up and make a longer version, with the muklti chined hull, and he said there wasn’t enough interest in a larger version. He thinks everyone in the world likes the longer high performance Sea Kayaks. Bug him some too, maybe he will reconsider. I’d buy a 16’ version!

jim - only 2 1/2 seasons - - i’ve stayed out as long as 3hrs, but usually only 2 at a stretch, as my knees stiffen up - - stayed out too long once, and had too roll the boat on it’s side, and “fall” out to get out - wasn’t a pretty sight !! =:-/