Impex Kayak thoughts

I am considering a number of kayaks to upgrade my current fleet of personal boats.I am trying on and demoing various kayaks during the off season for an early spring purchase.What are the impressions of the Impex Force Cat 4 & Currituck Kayaks? I have the chance to get either at a very good price. It will be a couple of weeks before I get a chance to try them out.The pixs that I have seen, the Force series appear to have a lower rear deck. This will be a factor in my decision. I have a short torso and have trouble laying back in kayaks with higher rear decks.I am also considering some NDKs.

Thanks for any feedback

Your size?
Are these the only two candidates or would a smaller volume boat work for you? Just a thought, especially since you mention the shorter torso.

size & fit
I am a tweener. Short but not thin or fat.I do not have a low or high volume body. Low volumes boats tend to be to tight for my comfort.I am lost in many high volume boats. I will try the kayaks before I buy to judge fit. My job demands and lousy weather on the east coast has slowed my progress. I may not buy anything till after the East Coast Kayak Festival. I have read the the reviews , but alot of them seem to be from professional reviewers and not an average water beaters such as myself.

Force 3 and 3HV?
Without knowing your size and intended paddling activities, any suggestions by me would be “stabs in the dark” You may want to try a Force 3 and Force 3HV. I have used a Force 4 for a few years and know someone who has done some extended/hard trips in one. Both he and I have a high regard for the boat. My PNet review done of the boat still seems accurate to me. The Force boats are fast boats for type, more manuverable that one would expect, and very well behaved when wind and waves build. They are also designed as long range touring boats, not day/play boats so they are big boats even if they do not look like it. That said they do work well for long/fast day trips. If a boat was going to be used for only day/play/weekend trips, then I would go with a 16’ boat with less volume and more playful nature.

There will
be some nice boats for you to demo at ECCKF RJR. People can tell you what they like but only you you to know what you like.

Love my Force 4
I wrote a detailed review a while ago, after having it a year or so. Nothing much to add after paddling it for another year and a half. I still like it just as much. Excellent build quality. Goes straight well, but surprisingly maneuverable when edged. Seems good in all sea conditions. I fit perfectly at 5’ 11" and 165 lbs. My wife is 5’8" and also fits fine. I have paddled very few other boats so can’t really compare it with anything. I like it so much I’ve never thought about trying another boat. Back deck seems reasonably low and it’s easy to lay back.

from what I know
It sounds like you can demo as many as you like, but I recall the force 3 having a relatively low rear and foredeck. They are very nicely made kayaks.

other boats
What are the other boats in your fleet? It may give us a better clue as to what to recommend - force vs currituck - when other boats you already have are taken into consideration.

I will say that i am a proud owner of a force 5 in glass, and have paddled all of the impex boats that i can squeeze into.

Since you mentioned the force 4 and currituck i’ll make a couple comments on my impressions (fit issues aside): I find the currituck a more lively ride. I definitly feel a big difference with the deeper vee hull, shorter overall length and increased rocker of the currituck.

What i like about the force are it’s low decks, good speed, and utterly unflapable stability in all water conditions.

force 4
I bought mine late last summer, and have learned a great deal on it. It is fast, well built, with clean lines and quick acceleration. I learned to roll this winter, and the boat rolls itself once you figure out what the from is. I cannot be happier with it. I am 6 feet and 160, a little light for the boat, but it fits well. I tried the Eddyline Falcon, the Force 3 HV, a couple of Current Designs, and an Explorer. Try the boat before you buy it.

Celia’s question was a good one
and I’m not sure that you answered it.

I own 2 Impex kayaks, a Montauk and an Impex.

Hubby and I also built a cedar strip Outer Island for me (a Babina design that Impex now makes) so I am familiar with the sizing, response, etc. of these boats.

I am 5’4", 125-130 lbs. and they all work well for me.

If you have specific questions, feel free to pm me.

I own both
the Impex force 4 and the NDK Explorer. The Explorer has a marginally lower rear deck and is actually an easier roller than the Force 4. Both the Currituck and Explorer are more flexible. They do everything well and are not really specialized. The Force 4 is a fast, eat up the miles, kind of boat, not for rock gardening and there are some who won’t surf with them. I have a Chatham 16 for the later and a Force for straight ahead paddling. If I could own only one boat however it would be the Explorer or Currituck.

Love my Outer Island
The Outer Island is by far my favorite and I will always have one in my fleet. The Force 4 is also nice but I like the Force 3 LV even better. Don’t let low volume scare you since I’m 6’ 190 lbs and fit fine. The low back deck is great for rolling too. Impex customer service is excellent.