Impex Kayaks- Glad to be on board.

Hey all,

I just wanted to say we are all glad to be on board in 2005. I have always enjoyed the views on this site and we are looking forward to being more involved. As we all travel quiet a bit, getting to a high speed connection every day is hard, making it unlikely we will check the chat board here every day. In the event you have an important question, as always post it here for your peers response. However also be sure to send us an email as well.

Happy paddling.

Danny and the TEAM

Impex Kayaks

Hey Danny
Happy New Year. Will you be at Paddlesports in NJ again this year? If so, will you be showing some of your new boats including your new brit style boat?


Welcome aboard!
… Hi Danny. it is great to see Impex listing on P-Net. Keep us informed of any other new stuff you are working on.

…Keep up the great work on your Kayaks too!

Happy Paddling!

hey Danny
glad to have you monitoring the forum on a regular basis!

hey what’s up with the ‘Force’??

do tell, we’re ALL interested!

I just got the go ahead for travels in ‘05. see ya’ at NJ!!! :-))


Hope so…
Hi Danny, bought my yellow Mystic at Paddlesport last year… Hope I get that friday off again this year, worked out quite well…

Off to check out Jersey Paddler’s website, maybe they have a date already…


just bought my airplane ticket.

it’s March 18-19-20.

come meet Flatpick @ the Wildy booth and hopefully pool demos!

maybe Danny and I could have a pool jousting!! :wink:


I just bought my plane ticket for the same time frame. But for Santa Cruz… :slight_smile: I am playing and you’re working. :wink:


Jersey Paddler- Paddlesport
Impex Kayaks will indeed be at Paddlesport in 2005. We will be showing the new Outer Island as well as the debut of the new Force.

See you there.


Impex Kayaks

I was torn
but…duty calls. maybe we’ll be stuck in an airport together, you going W, me E!


I’ll oggle that Tempest again
The 165 was such a good fit.


Hi Danny

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It's nice to see Impex on this site. I am the same Bruce who traded e-mails with you today re: suitable Impex models for my second yak. Thanks again for the thoughtful responses.

Looking forward to seeing the yaks at Canoecopia.